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Life: Dare to look beyond

Updated on July 8, 2010

You try to see through a wall, you cant. You think of climbing it guessing whats on the other side, You fall twice. bruise your elbows and bleed you knees. Finally you are on top of the wall. What you see on the other side is a dupmyard. Oh shit, now you have to jumb back and U sprain your ankle.

Fantastic the case is ready, so where was success in this entire escapado? Or was it not there at all. Was it a disastor? Did you not feel the pride when you got over it.

Whatever was there on the other side who cares? And you know no one's gonna try climbing that wall again seeing your bruised elbows, bleeding knees and sprained ankle. So why care about them , they will even envy the fact that you dared to climb that wall, they will just imagine whats on the other side. Thinking they should but they cannot clim that wall.

Similar walls are in our heads, we cant see through them. Its perfect inside because God has created everything, but those who dare climbing it watch the panaromas of life.


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