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Life Is A Delusion

Updated on February 1, 2016

Life is nothing more than a series of delusions. Some delusions are learned and some we create ourselves and others just develop naturally. We have delusions of religion, morality, and of our own self-worth.

Delusions of religion have always been the most prominent in this world. These are usually learned delusions, what we are taught to believe. Since the beginning of time, people have yearned to find reasoning for injustice, suffering, and death. These religious delusions have helped to ease the concerns of small minded people that can still accept the doctrines. I can understand why people needed to cling to these delusions 2000 years ago, but with the advances in education, medicine, and justice that we have achieved, these delusions are no longer viable. We still have con men that perpetuate these delusions for their own benefit, such as Evangelists and Imams. Some for money. Some for power. Some just to project their own hatred and intolerance.

Delusions of morality are the most dangerous and usually go hand in hand with religious delusions. Laws are created based on a small group's delusions of morality. Lives are taken because of these moral delusions. Some people think that it is moral to burn people at the stake for not sharing their morality. Some people think that it is moral for a grown man to wed a 12 year old girl. Some people think that it is moral to hang a man because his skin is a different color than theirs. Some people think that it is moral to put a person in jail because he/she smokes weed. Some people think that it is moral to beat their children. Morality is nothing more than another delusion.

Delusions of our own self-worth are the most humbling to be realized. We are born...and then what? We are on a constant search for self-worth. We have delusions of our own abilities, intelligence, and strength. What we believe we have and can do are too often merely just our own delusions. We strive for recognition and the need for belonging.

Life is nothing more than a series of delusions and I am the most delusional because I believe that we could all work together to get shit done. Some delusions are productive and others are destructive. We have to determine which delusions best benefit the world.


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