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Life Lights.

Updated on November 23, 2009

Life lights. ©-MFB III


New life, so light,
my newborn son,
from darkest womb,
his world begun,
I held him close
my only one.

His eyes gazed up
light blue at me,
as tiny lights
dance curiously.
Within those
baby blues I saw,
my life ahead,
Dad,and Grandpa,
plus great granddad
lay ahead too,
so much to love,
so much to do...

Till one day
he'll gaze
down at me,
as my life lights
quite sorrowfuly
begin to fade out

Perhaps he'll whisper
so gently,
I love you dad,
but set you free,
from way back when,
you first held me,
to your next birth,

Follow the light

let it be,
your guide, your path,
till your soul's free,
I'll see you soon,
when my time comes,
and I'm set free
by my dear sons,
Thanks oh, so much,
for all you've done.


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