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Life 'On The Rocks'

Updated on April 19, 2018

He was right, she was right
Somewhere in the midway, things weren't so bright

He was damn typical, beyond her comprehension
She too lacked the foresight, far from his expectations

Deep down inside, she did care
She tried to convey though it went nowhere

He waited for hours, brought her flowers
Assumed that she loved him, he built the tallest dream towers!

She was tamed by her own good will
Somehow she was willing to try it all for him

Moments of passion, destroyed by fear
Unjust despair, uncalled-for scare!

Sometimes it's just about moments
Not about the whole life
In the smallest of the pleasures
She found herself alive

He was trying to kill her
Deep down with the greatest complication
Indeed a 'Yes'... then a 'No'
Simple relationship became random!

How she wished, she could convince
Trying hard to love him would be her worst sin!
She found her love for him in her passion which was pure
Independent, unbound, but connected to the core

She was collecting beautiful memories
Without those regretful blemishes
Hours of laughter, loving him unconditional
She was untamed and unstoppable!

Take life 'On the rocks', deep down with a sigh.
Cheers!... not for the 'hangover' but for the 'high' !


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