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Life Well Seasoned.

Updated on February 19, 2010

Life well seasoned.

on March 7, 2002. ©-MFB III

Summer is a hot babe
soaked in oil
pink bikini top
like a flower dots the sands
her scents arousing
mid-aged men
as the steam waves
rise around her
still damp flesh
from her last dip
in salty brine
they watch her drip
she's the one
they've always wanted
in the middle
of November
when their privates
lie all shriveled
in the fiddle
of their hand
=O= =O= =O= =O= =O=
Fall is just
an old man
hanging on
and then tumbling
shedding years
like the leaves
of a bent maple
in a hard arthritic wind
all his bones they
creak like branches
on a halloween
night's journey
high above the
masked marauders
as his starched pants
softly rustle
like the candy
in kid's hands
down a frosted road
he toddles
white hair shining
like a snowcap
traveling deep
into the black void
that will soon
return without him
under next
October's moon
( * ( * ( * ( * ) *)
an ex-husband
howling round
your door
so bitter
seeking some way
he can reach in
just to wrap
his arms
around you
burying you beneath
the white haze
of his cold
and icy heart
cause he needs
a little pleasure
lately he's been
sorely lacking
so he comes around
a begging
raging loudly
for a handout
in the season
of the lean
as you huddle
by the fire
just reflecting
on the memories
of his past storms
that brought
nasty dreams
and screams
: O : ( : O : ( : O : (
Spring's an
unborn baby
stretching out
it's tiny fingers
living fluids
that have always
been provided
as a gift to
help it grow
suddenly it's head
a seed pod
on a fleshy stem
slowly from
the mothers soil
till it bursts
all fresh and rosy
with a healty wail
at entering
it's next season
of new life.


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