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Life Within Death

Updated on January 6, 2014
Water Bubbles from LUKE ANDREW SCOWEN
Water Bubbles from LUKE ANDREW SCOWEN
Thirst from James A. Crawford
Thirst from James A. Crawford
Flowing Water from gibbopool2003
Flowing Water from gibbopool2003
Shadow of a Lonely Man from Arturo Sotillo
Shadow of a Lonely Man from Arturo Sotillo
Inner Strength from
Inner Strength from

Life Within Death

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

Quenched of a voracious thirst,

I sit within a parched and lifeless world,

the nectar of life afforded, from a well,

a small crevice between jagged stones,

water flowing freely beneath this sandy abyss,

like a stream of life within death.

And no matter what prevails in life,

that stream flows strong and perpetually,

offering sustenance and hope,

to all temporarily lost in that lifeless abyss,

and knowing that, transforms the abyss,

into dark moments that pass as the sun rises.

Rarely is life as it seems,

we, often drowning in our own fears,

envisage reality with a tainted brush,

and life fades from view when all we see is darkness,

but in reality the darkness is always ours alone,

conceived without possibilities or alternatives.

We cast a broad shadow over life,

self-procreate our beliefs in the physical world,

darkening doorways that offer new paths, new hope,

and often that parched desert is the end,

rather than a new beginning,

an opportunity to move forward.

That well resides within us,

that stream of sustenance, that quenching of thirst,

always within reach,

for we are more than flesh and bone,

more than those fears than hinder us,

we are conscious, aware, with potential so vast, we do not understand.

When you think there is nothing left within you, there's is always more. We have such potential, the way to realize it is to rid yourself of limitations.


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