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Updated on December 22, 2015

We are all thrown amidst the battlefield,

Each day in a different way.

Forced to face the wage of war,

Still bearing wounds from yesterday.

The combat makes us weary,

The smiting never ceases,

Each assault against our flesh,

Our spirit’s depth decreases.

Forfeiting our individual character,

While the basis of moral integrity decays,

Doubt creeps into that empty void,

Then our own value we betray.

Once we pierce our perception,

It is very difficult to mend,

Recovering our sight to do what’s right,

Is a cunning concept to apprehend.

Our will to overcome affliction,

Being a fierce warrior to prevail,

Can conquer any mental torment,

Or concern that we may fail.

There is significance in this poem,

A vital lesson to digest,

It’s essential that you understand,

The issue that’s being addressed.

Each day that we are blessed with,

Presents obstacles to endure,

But we’re equipped with the potential,

That our triumph can be secure.

I know it’s not always simple,

When Goliaths rule the war,

But this too you’ll overcome,

And recover who you are.

© 2015 Brianna


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