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Life of the City

Updated on July 1, 2013

In the streets of the city
A million people make their way


A man with his briefcase in hand
Walking with a self-known purpose


A woman eloquently dressed
Attempting to rush and look dignified simultaneously


An old man walking slowly
Feeling quite overwhelmed by the surrounding walls


A group of friends laughing
As they look into one of their phones


A lady walks with her shopping bags
with a content look to her face


A father lets his child take a break on the bench beside me
The child's eyes wide as he looks into the sky pierced by soaring towers
His gaze also traces over the people walking the streets

In a thick accent he tries his English on me
"So many people live here!"
and then looking directly at me
"We are not from here, we are foreign"

I look to him and smile,
If only he knew what a blessing it is to be looking from the outside in,
for only in such states can a person appreciate
the Life Of The City


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