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Life was easy

Updated on June 1, 2017

Life was life

Life was much easier before this life, life was life before this life.

Everything was at its best until this life.

You wanna breathe people won't let you breathe, you want yourself to be free people don't let you be free.

Trust,faith,loyalty,love,peace...these are just words now real meaning of them has been lost in that life.

You're searching for love, it's on sale every night.

Everyone wants heaven after they die ,what if god asks how was the heaven you just left behind.

Treating everyone nicely is not the matter now ,how you can stab everyone from behind is all that matters now, the reasons of living a life can be infinite...but reason of this life is still not identified.

Laughter cries these are only two emotions which are required to judge any person but have you ever wondered why are you wandering just to live this life.
I am not the one who loves to write but each time my heart cries I don't let my tears fall I am letting my words out.


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    • Sarth Sharma profile image

      sarth sharma 10 months ago from Jaipur

      Thanks I appreciate. I am not a professional but tried to do my best I will continue to do the same.

    • Lisawilliamsj profile image

      Lisa Chronister 10 months ago from Florida

      This was a very profound poem. I liked it very much.