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Life....Till Here

Updated on December 4, 2011

Life...Till Here

Dark were those days,

And I was still living in illusion,

But thanks to foe called friends,

Now, with my eyes wide open,

I know who I am.

Humiliated, rejected, bashed and thrashed,

That's the best way to describe my journey of the past.

I kept my hands in the pocket during the time of pain,

Didn't let one of them to search for gun and another for cocaine.

Gradually the time passed by,

And everything has turned around,

With me again but minus the days which made me insane.

But even if time changes and everything turns around,

One should never forget where he comes from.

So the dark black past remains my most valued possession,

Reflecting my struggle for life full of compassion.


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    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      Once I used to have faith when i was a child...But it didn't help at all..So I became an atheist when I was 11 years old!! I don't think that someone can ever convince me that there is a god.

      Ya we should end now because I won't agree with your points and you won't agree with my explanations...And at the end we will have an infinite comment list..Same here. I was nice sharing ideas!!

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      Tats why probably you had happiness only for short time.

      If you had faith , things could have been easier and happier.

      You havent understood the concept of faith.

      Lets end it here. I hope one day you 'll credit GOD !

      It was good to talk to you .

      All the bless for rest of the life!:-)adios

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      Whenever I was in pain or misery, I never expected that some magic will happen on its own or worshiping an illusionary creature will solve my problem or provide me with hope.!!! Instead I took everything on my shoulders and worked hard during adversity...You have no idea where I come from!!! I worked hard to achieve happiness (even though for a short time), why should I credit that to someone else who doesn't exist at all!!!

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      You didnt move on!

      And forgot , change is what everyone shall embrace!

      You got stuck to dark days,

      And never saw the bright light!

      You lost faith ,

      When you were in pain!

      But never thanked,

      When you were gay(happy) !

      You left GOD ,

      When things were strained!

      But never held God back,

      When everything was fair!

      Now you complain!

      But you never understood ,

      What is FAITH!

      -dr bean

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      thanks mo

    • profile image

      mo 5 years ago

      mixture made sense :D

      nice one mate

    • profile image

      Riddhi H 6 years ago

      well written.... good

    • mandar smart profile image

      mandar smart 6 years ago

      good one bro....

    • profile image

      Achyut 6 years ago

      gd one..but u never shared anything with me...

    • profile image

      puja halwai 6 years ago

      nice one vishal ...