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Life On The Line

Updated on November 7, 2014
wisdom25 profile image

Maurice Bishop, a powerful, spoken word Poet currently serving in the United States Army. Published Author & Motivational Speaker.

My name is Maurice //

At age 6 my mother left me in the street with no food to eat//

Torn clothes on my back with no shoes on my feet//

Crying “Mommy”!! Till rivers streaming down my cheek//

As it started to rain the cops came and place me in the orphanage//

It was House of Hell, you don’t know what torture is//

While being home schooled I was beaten and corrected//

Being picked on for reading books, I was always neglected//

I was talked about and disrespected//

Trained in the house of pain so I was taught to be aggressive//

I went from being beaten and molested//

From molested to be being HIV infested//

My whole childhood was hectic//

I wonder if God hated me or was I being tested? //

I grew colder and colder till I got older//

Walking with hate with the devil on my shoulder//

To make the long story short//

I was arrested for drugs and went to court//

I was accused guilty and went to jail for 6 years with no bail//

A jail of lost soldiers in the hounds of hell//

After my sentence I went to school for psychology and philosophy//

Minor in writing to write my own biography//

I got love for my families and peers//

So suicide counselor became my career//

Phone Ringing: (I answered the phone)

Wisdom: You reached the suicide hotline//

Talk to me. What’s on your mind? I have nothing but time//

JIJI: Crying, shivering, scared and didn’t know what to say so I remained quiet//

Once again he said “Hello” and by accident I spoke//

Wisdom: How may I help? Are you calling for yourself//

Or advice for someone else? //

JIJI: Tonight I’m going to end my life//

Been through so much and don’t know if you want to hear it//

But I’m going to tell you how I came to this//

Get ready to listen. I guess I should start by telling you what my name is//

My name is Sherry and with life I had enough//

All my years of living, nothing but bad luck//

Was raped as a child by family and mama’s friends//

Became pregnant at 15 and gave my son up at 21//

I tried to do right by my babies side//

Had him for 6 years and not one birthday party or Christmas presents//

Some nights we didn’t even eat//

I spent welfare checks on cocaine and weed//

I was a victim to society//

And thought my baby boy would do better without me, so I left him on the streets//

I was too high to realize what I’ve done, because mentally I really was unaware//

Years later I still go back to see if he’s still there//

I gave a man everything I had//

My heart, my time, and all of me//

And to get on my feet he helped me stand//

I was finally on my feet I thought I had overcome//

I was even going to church and stuff and still looking for my son//

Then one day it all changed. The love of my life said he wasn’t in love anymore//

Had my stuff packed and sitting at the door//

I sat there begging him please don’t leave//

Crying and screaming so he called the police//

So I went back to the streets//

Living in and out of crack houses saling my body just to eat, asking God why is he doing this to me//

Man I’m done with this. There’s nothing else I can do//

I think my son is dead, I have no family, nobody cares so living, what’s the use//

I don’t even know why I called. I don’t want to listen to you.

Hell can’t be worst then my life so I’m through//

Wisdom: Listen to me, I understand your pain and the shame//

It seems like no matter what you do, it will never change//

At a young age I was beaten and molested, became HIV infested//

Never knew I had it till the sickness manifested//

No cure for this sickness, but medicine was requested//

Couldn’t get that because I had no money invested//

I was arrested for gun possession and all the drugs I collected//

I was in jail for 6 years and felt so pathetic//

I felt like God took my life and put an X on it, despised it and stepped on it//

Because my mother drown me in the sea of forgetfulness//

But I forgive her and still love her//

To this day I still long to touch her//

I’m doing well now because I still got a reason to live//

Sherry you still got a reason to live//

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done because what’s you’ve done is in the past//

Life is a dash because what you do between life and death is a test to pass//

You are much bigger than crack//

In fact, your drug problems I want to help you//

But you have to be willing to help yourself too//

JIJI: Sorry about your past//

Hearing about your life makes me so sad//

But you say you want to help but if I listen to you then what? //

I have nothing to go back to//

My life has no use and there’s nothing you can do//

I don’t even know why I called. I just pray that when I go God let’s me in//

Despite my mistakes and many sins thanks for listening to me but I got to go//

Wisdom: (Screams) Sherry NOO!!//

JIJI: I hung up the phone and with life I swear I had enough//

I prayed I will get to heaven by luck and I shot the gun//


I wake up in beautiful clouds//

Angels singing and playing around//

A sign that said Go This Way and it lead me to Heaven’s Gates//

As I reached the doors I began to pray//

As I impatiently wait to see what happens, I’m still praying to see if I made it in//

Fingers and toes crossed//

Words was lost//

All I could do was cry//

And wait for God to arrive//

Just then the gates opened//

The most beautiful form I’ve ever seen stood on front of my face//

I was in complete awe and I knew it was God//

But he didn’t have a smile on his face//

A look of disappointment because of the decision I made//

I immediately started telling God about my life and why I did what I did//

Crying, wishing, and hoping he understood//

But not knowing he already knew//

He interrupted and said

God: I created you so I know what you been through//

I know everything//

I created your life from A to Z//

And the things you went through wasn’t for you but to be a testimony in someone else life//

For them to see you overcome and maybe they might//

But no, you decided to take your life//

Who are you to tell me when it’s your time to die//

I created you and the decision was mine//

And my child all you had to do was ask//

Pray and put your life in my hands, I am GOD! //

The Way the Truth and the Life//

Why couldn’t you just realize you were almost there//

Your breakthrough was sure to come//

All you had to do was hold on//

My plans for your life, you will never know//

And your son is alive, he was the operator on the phone//

Man it hurts my heart to know where you will reside//

JIJI: I screamed, begged, pleaded and cried//

God disappeared and a voice laughed and said, “Now your mine//

This is what happens when you commit suicide//

Written By Maurice Wisdom Bishop and Jalisa Jordan aka JIJI


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    • 10.ABDUL profile image

      10.ABDUL 3 years ago from 90037

      Red inking while red lining please read

    • wisdom25 profile image

      Maurice Wisdom Bishop 3 years ago from San Tan Valley

      Thank you ABDUL. Much Love and Respect to you!

    • 10.ABDUL profile image

      10.ABDUL 3 years ago from 90037

      Similar stories show the commonality Ag the human race we go through so many experiences where we all could relate thank you for sharing