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wo bist tu

Updated on November 24, 2017

mein taqe buch


Just an ordinary day. Doing what I used to do.Talking to my self and to the two brave big mouth guards.To the lovely green living things I have and to "Him" my King, I pray so hard.

Stranger is what I call you!

The man of my dream. I have never meet you. I wonder where are you? How far are we? How do you look? and what do you do? Because I keep on praying for you, that where ever you go may He bless you and lead me to you.

One day we will meet. One day I will see you. Holding the faith that one day I will have you. :) But how will I know if that one day it was already you ...can you give me a clue?

Destiny... . Soulmate... . First love... . Last love... . True love... . Which one are you?


I want to believe because I want to find you. I take risk. I get hurt. I was broken and now I am alone. What I thought was true may not be so real. What I want may not be for me to have.

It gets harder and harder and harder. It gets heartaches and heart breaks. And gets bitter and bitter.

I look up and I cried. I look up and I remember. I look up and I smiled. I look up and I become better. Because every time I look up my King holds me closer.


Keeping myself busy. Forgetting what hurts most. Starting over again. And suddenly the magic follows. . .


...You bump in to me in a way I couldn't hold you. I saw you but not so close. I know you by name and not that much. I asked my king and here's what He answered. "If God says YES, nobody could say NO". How fast it was to be part of you. Happy days you filled and proving me so... . Months of waiting, months of missing. I wonder if it was already you. Too afraid to know, because I don't want to lose you. Wanting to believe in forever, wanting to be with you. Please don't leave, because True Love is what I want to call you. ...TO BE CONTINUED



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