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Life's Sweetest Agony - Watching Them Grow

Updated on January 2, 2015

Token gestures line a road filled with blocks and much debris

Youthful aspirations give us the gumption to face uncertainty

The paths we tread are treacherous, jagged, and unkind

It's amazing how the little things help to pass the time

For me that little thing

Is not so little at all

She's growing like a weed

And getting pretty tall

In the morning we sing along

To Darius Rucker singing "our song"

My heart breaks cause he's singing the sad truth I know

That "It won't be like this for long"

The days with her are flying past

Each one's a cold retreat

It's like visiting the best of me

Without ever leaving my seat

The leaps and bounds of progress mound

Up more and more every day

There's a brilliant light in your eyes

That is sure to light your way

For me each day is double edged

Because as I watch her grow

I realize the hardest thing I will ever do

One day I'll have to let her go

There's sweet agony in the air

As I teach her every day

When we walk to watch the geese

And in our bedtime routine as she listens to me pray

Now I lay me down down to sleep

I pray the lord my soul to keep

May the angels watch me through the night

Until I wake in the morning light

We give "nice hugs" and kisses after she cuts out the light

Last thing we do is nuzzle our noses, much to my delight

Unicorn is right beside you, panda, and moo moo

God protect this precious child, help her to be true

Guide my hand in days to come

There's something special in this "little one"

Grant me your wisdom to be my guide

Help me build the craft so that she can glide


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    • rclinton5280 profile image

      Robert Clinton 6 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Thank you Mr. "The Finance Hub' for your input. Your compliment is appreciated and I will make it a point to check out some of your work.

    • rclinton5280 profile image

      Robert Clinton 6 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      We listen to that song every day, and I try to stay aware of exactly what you said. Thank you for reading my hub, your comment, and your kindness.

    • andsoforth profile image

      andsoforth 6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      This is a wonderful, emotional piece. I have watched my own children grow, a grandson become a teen, another a preteen and my granddaughter not far behind. Now I have a new four-month old grandson and another due any day. It never ceases to be amazing and your heart just grows to make more room for each one. Enjoy that little one, because yes, in a minute she'll be grown.