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Life’s earnings

Updated on March 11, 2017

Knowledge and awareness are not this life's earning

They are the result of the wheel of births turning

Not acquired simply for them by yearning

You need accumulated good Karma which is acquired by following the path of dharma

Knowledge comes from inside out

This is well understood by the devout

Strength of mind and body

Is not received by just any body

To walk on a razors path one must be ready

A slip will make you dip

And take you on another trip

Your good Karma it will nip

And of good fortune you will be rip

Negativity from our lives we have to strip

This will make us one with the Universe

Create in us an acceptance of the diverse

So to our former lives we do not reverse

Let us create in us potential to become whole

So to our best we can play this life's role

And work towards the salvation of our Soul!


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