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Light Bearer Guardians -- Chapter One

Updated on March 8, 2014

Story Summary

Lena is a part of an ancient order that is sworn to protect and guide humanity. When one of her wards is murdered, she begins to question if she is really meant to be a guardian. A war is waging between the Light and the Dark and Lena must battle with her own inner demons.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Light Bearer Guardians – Chapter One

How could one exist when their existence was never known? It wasn’t that they weren’t seen. They were. They walked amongst them every day. They were the convenient friends and lovers to people at the amazingly right time. They were that knight in shining armor that somehow appeared in a person’s life unexpectedly. They were those ‘met randomly’ friends that brightened up a person’s life and made it bearable. Sometimes, they didn’t even exist and worked supernaturally with their wards. Some Guardians only had one charge and it was their sole responsibility to guide their ward into voluntary enlightenment.

Lena had bumped into Miriam a few times on the train, but she never introduced herself. Maybe if she had and befriended Miriam, could there have been a possibility that Miriam would’ve been alive right now? She sighed, watching them lower Miriam’s coffin into the ground from a distance. She had chosen the non-approach tactic when it came to her wards. She didn’t want to get tangled up in their lives personally. However, as she watched the service end, she wondered if it was worth the attachment to get involved personally. She realized being detached personally to her ward didn’t make it less painful for her when her ward made their own fateful decisions.

She bit her lip as she watched Miriam’s mother cry into her husband’s shoulder. She spotted Miriam’s younger sister staring blankly at the coffin within the ground. She eyed the other Guardians hovering over the rest of the people at the service paying their respects to the grieving family. She watched them as the Guardians wondered how to cope with this situation. Each moment affected everything. Balance was crucial in helping wards. When something happened, the balance was disturbed and it started a ripple effect. She growled in frustration and turned around. There was no point in wallowing in grief and despair, but she absolutely was and that same nagging question rose up within her. What if they had made a mistake when they picked her to be a Guardian?

She eyed the different gravestones as she walked through the cemetery and she wondered how they lived their lives. She wondered if their Guardians lived up to their purpose. She knew she wasn’t the only Guardian to suffer from losing a ward to a gruesome fate, but it still weighed upon her soul. It was getting harder to breathe and her vision began to blur from the unshed tears.

“Lena, I know what you’re thinking.”

She groaned when she heard Matteo’s voice. She whipped around to face, pinning him with a glare.

“Do you really?” she snapped dryly.

She had hope that he wouldn’t have showed up. For some reason, she had hoped that he wouldn’t have concerned himself with her shortcomings. It was humiliating to face one’s mentor after facing such failure, but there he was standing in front of her now.

Dressed in black, Matteo was dressed in regular clothes as she was. Her eyes swept over him and she stomped down the traitorous spark of desire flood through her. Furious at herself, she swiped at her face as the tears began to fall.

“You’re thinking they made a mistake picking you as a Guardian.”

She sucked in a breath and just continued to glare at her mentor. Matteo was one of the best. He never had to deal with this type of inner turmoil. All his wards were safe and secure. For goodness’ sakes, he was a mentor. He taught other Guardians how to protect and guide their wards. Her cheeks tingled as shame flooded through her. Did it even faze him how much of a failure she was?

“What do you know?” she hissed, turning away and attempting to depart.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Matteo told her as he grabbed her arm and forced her to face him. “Don’t walk away from me. What good is it to keep walking away from me, Lena?”

“It saves me from hearing your absurd pep talks. I don’t need a cheerleader on the sidelines, Matteo. I don’t need you at all.”

When she tried to push him away, he tightened his grip on her arm and added his other hand to her other arm. He yanked her forward with his narrowed eyes burning into hers and she, for the first time, felt his anger and the burn of it directed at her. The air around him seemed to crackle and darken as if there was dark fog surrounding him. Even his eyes had darkened a fraction and were no longer a light gray. Instead, they were akin to the sky right as a thunderous storm struck.

She knew he was powerful, but she never really realized how much. His presence had always shown restraint and control. She swallowed, not wanting to cower away and show weakness. However, he was downright intimidating when he was angry. She shivered as his centered stare seemed to pierce through her into her soul.

“You,” he bit out before he took a deep cleansing breath. “You, Lena, need to stop being so stubborn.” He sighed and finally released her from his painful grip. The stifling air seemed to fade and the color in his eyes returned to the light shade of gray. “And stop walking away from me.”

Lena raised her eyebrow at him. “Matteo, I was never the one that walked away.”

She watched his expression closely as he grimaced at her response. He quickly averted his eyes and raked a hand through his dark locks. The subject had always been difficult to breach and this was no exception. Like always, she knew he’d bow out of it. They would probably never talk about how they had got lost into one another for a blissful moment of paradise before the weight of responsibility swung down upon them like an axe. The cut left was deep and she was certain it would never heal completely. As much as she still had feelings for him, she had long accepted that he would never truly return her feelings.

And why would he? she thought savagely to herself, considering she was a failure. She didn’t deserve him. They both knew that. One day, he would find his soulmate and she would be absolutely perfect for him while she would have from watch from a distance.

“Don’t,” he whispered, shaking his head. “This isn’t the time or the context to--”

Bitterly, she chuckled at his attempt to change the subject. “I’m aware of that.”

“Demetria has agreed to take my wards.”

She frowned then eyed Matteo for a few moments until the reality of the situation set in. “No, you can’t do that. Some of those wards you befriended--”

“Yes, I will still be in their lives,” he told them. “I will be helping Demetria as she sees fit.”

She shook her head in protest. She couldn’t even bring the words that were on the tip of her tongue to voice, because the storm of her emotions was brewing within her. She wanted to yell at Matteo, because he never gave up his wards to the charge of someone else and now he was. Was that horrible that they were enlisting Matteo to help or rather take over her own wards? Her heart constricted and she placed a hand over her chest.

“This only further proves that I’m not capable of being a Guardian.”

He forced her to look him in the eyes by cupping her face. “It proves that we are concerned that your emotional stability is in question. This has nothing to do with your capability as a Guardian.”

“That is absolute--”

“It’s the truth,” he cut in. “It’s also final. When we feel that you are emotionally capable of handling your wards on your own, I shall resume looking after my wards until then we will be working as a team.” When she was about to protest, he silenced her with a hard kiss. “I know what you’re capable of Lena. All of us do and you are extraordinarily capable of being a Guardian. Right now, you need to trust me, okay? This is for your own benefit.”

She took a deep breath then eased away from Matteo. She gave him no indication that she would run and she supposed that was the reason why he didn’t tighten his hold on her. She squeezed her eyes shut, mulling over the weight of his words. She should be mad that he used her own weakness for him against her, but it had calmed her down and caused her to consider his words. She was still nibbling on her bottom lip when he stepped closer to her to whisper into her ear.

“Lena, we aren’t doing this to hurt you,” he promised. “We’re doing this to ensure you will continue on your path. Why can’t you see that?”

Learning again from Matteo may not be a bad idea, she thought to herself as she forced herself to look into his eyes. It may not be what was best for her heart, because she remembered the heartbreak all too well. However, Matteo could set her on the right path again. She had learned so much from him and it could be what she needed to get back out there.

“It’s only temporary, right?”

A smile crossed his handsome face as he nodded in assurance. “It’s only temporary.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” she vowed and he smirked at that. “I mean it, Matteo. Once I’ve redeemed myself, you will leave.”

“Yes, once you are deemed emotionally stable.”

She rolled her eyes at him correcting her statement. Whether it was what he said it was or not, she decided it would do her more good than harm to have Matteo be by her side. She wanted to be better and do better. Maybe, she just needed to learn more from her mentor. It wasn’t like some Guardians didn’t work as a team to take care of wards. It wasn’t unheard of. Soulmated Guardians usually worked as a unit, but that was it, wasn’t it? She and Matteo weren’t soulmated Guardians. They weren’t bonded and she had to make certain that she wouldn’t cause herself more pain by falling even more for her mentor.

Note On Pictures Used: Found via in Images by License filter "Free to modify, share, and use commercially"

© 2014 MaeMG


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      "All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matetr. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett

    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks vkwok!

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      Looking forward to more.


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