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Light Man

Updated on May 26, 2011
Over Light Speed
Over Light Speed
The Stars Move Backwards
The Stars Move Backwards

A Work of Fiction [for now]

I am feeling the G-forces effect. Ok, this is what they told me I would feel.

I spent four years training for this mission, “the first man to travel faster than light”. During those four years they continued to send unmanned craft at “over light speed” [O.L.S], all of which have been without problems. The only thing left was to see what effects it would have on man and what he sees.

The effects are wearing off and I am approaching the light speed barrier. The stars seem to be moving backwards but are not getting dimmer. OK, the Sun is staying the same size. My trip is once around the Sun, keeping at the same distance from it the whole time. That will be my focus point.

There is a blinding flash, I look at my watch, and it is moving as normal, not going backwards. Wait, where is the Sun? Oh OK, there it is. Why is it getting smaller? It shouldn’t be doing that. Yes, it is definitely getting smaller, something is wrong. I cannot communicate with Earth; they cannot tell me what is going wrong.

I seem to be going out of the Solar System, something must have gone wrong.

It looks like I will be famous but not in the way I thought. I will be the man who was lost in outer space.

The Stars still seem to be going backwards. I wonder what I will see. I wonder how long my rations will last. I feel sleepy.

What is that? I hear a voice. Yes, wait, it is ground control. They are saying congratulations, the flight was a success and I am slowing down for my approach to Earth.

I must have passed out whilst approaching O.L.S.

My body is linked to all kinds of instruments, so they could learn from them but if they expect to learn what it looks like and how a man feels, they will just have to try again. Wait, I see my reflection. It can’t be------it is, I look ten years younger.


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