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True Light of Love

Updated on August 14, 2017
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I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.


Longing for it his whole life/

Oh how long must he wait/

Oh how his patience is his strength/

He dreams of her every night/

Knowing this love is right/

He must pursue this love/

For his heart is aching for her soft touch/

Oh how he feels trapped between two walls/

He knows he will be free once he falls/

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The Falling

No longer can he control himself/

He has lost his patience/

It is as though he is under a spell/

He feels that it has filled him up like a well/

At last he has fallen/

At last he has heard love's calling/

True light

What shall bring him away from darkness/

What shall set him free/

What oh what shall it be/

Will it guide him through/

Will it be there to see the morning dew/

Oh what is this he feels/

It is as though he has been lifted off his feet/

What is this he has seen/

oh so bright/

Even in the evening light/


You are so beautiful/

So full of light/

You are the center of his life/

The source of his light/

You give love to all/

You are the reason He knows/

You consume him/

You are so true/

You he sees right through/

The falling into the light

He has seen you rise/

He knows you through your eyes/

Through your smile/

He shall walk for miles and miles/

For he is done searching/

No more is he in darkness/

For you showed him the light/

Loves light so bright so beautiful/

He shall never fall again/

Oh beautiful love/

He has been shown/

The true light of love.


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    • profile image

      nusrat jahan chow 7 months ago

      Love this poem, please take my thank from heart.