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Light, undefined - a poem by Richard Mawby

Updated on November 30, 2014

This poem describes my encounter with a beam of light, a ray of sunshine that escaped through a crack in an abandoned railway carriage I encountered on a walk. The light, while solid at first, began to change into another form as I immersed myself in the moment, enjoying the patterns my breath created upon this beam of light. Once I stopped ‘seeing’, lost focus, the light changed form; it became particles, a glittery fire that swirled along the beam of light towards me. It was disturbed by each breath, which caused particles to explode at times into different directions, as though I had detonated a firework. It was the most fascinating experience, thus here is a poem in regards to my encounter. Words cannot explain the true mystery of this encounter with light; however I have tried my best to portray my experience in words through the following poem.


Light, undefined.

Light, undefined, unimagined, unknown

Until the moment, until the now

A glittery fire, scatters, ignites

At my most gentle breath, yet full of might

That once solid beam of pure yellow-white

Broken, gone, and revealing the sight

Of thousands of mirrors, floating ahead

Swirling in patterns in my breath’s stead


Lost, abandoned, caught in charm

Unafraid, silent, and calm

While shadows dance, the fire burns

Embers spark, my eyes they learn

To see without seeing, a universe

Stars entwined through a single verse

Of the song of the sun, of light, of all

Silent notes flicker, unheard, uncalled


Slow motion captures, time stands still

Nothingness, I am fulfilled

Light, undefined, unimagined, unknown

Until the moment, until the now;

Richard Mawby ©


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    • RichardMawby profile image

      Richard Mawby 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      Smiles, thank you, I hope it brings you every inspiration you hope from it.

    • profile image

      susan brinklow 2 years ago

      Think I have worked hub out :-) yes bought it from amazon, am really looking forward to it arriving, will be my book of the year!!! :-)