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Like Him

Updated on June 15, 2014

I looked into his eyes , As I entered life,

His heart felt warm, and I smiled at him,

He showed my life, and how to love right,

We talked everyday until the sun was dim,

But he was my sun, so his light always shined in the dark,

He is brave, courageous , intelligent, honorable, and kind,

I thank him for those gifts he gave to my mind, soul, and heart,

Growing up I had always knew he would be there for me during my hard times,

I knew if I was stuck in the highest tree He would climb limb by limb.

And when he moved the branches from my face, the mountains out of my way, and put a smile on my face,

I knew then and every moment I lived life, I wanted to be like him.

Happy Father's day Dads......... Keep the dreams of your kids close to their heart, and alive as light as the love you share.


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