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Like Jacob To Laban Lost

Updated on July 2, 2016

Like Jacob to Laban lost

Who unable to swallow the abolishment

Pursues with Pharaoh’s wrath hardened heart

Not for the love of daughter and grandchild

But the lust for flocks and opportunity lost

To champion the segregation of goat and sheep

With clans that kill quick hopes of life

White bearded Laban, white clothed man

Who deceives a daughter to crush a daughter

To wound the heart of one that slaves fourteen years

For the abolishment of bachelorhood

For an exodus with the lambs

From clay pits and cane fields

Before Jacob lies a brother’s anger

Vast as the red sea before a Moses’ intrusion

From four hundred years of dust and grit

That glued the north and south in a fatal embrace

Jacob still lives with his great substance

While Laban still seethes with great regret

No Jacob to build his roads and tend his children

Jacob still lives and forever will be his own command


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