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Content Writing: Like Job

Updated on October 14, 2019
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


There was a man in the land of Uz named Job. He was faithful and upright. He prayed for his kids daily. Job feared GOD. Because of his faithfulness to GOD he was rewarded. He had the big house, family and all he needed. Job did not have to worry about a thing. Unfortunately, Job's faithfulness was not contagious. His family was not as faithful as he was. Sadly, his faithfulness was not contagious. His sons were constantly cursing GOD in their hearts. Through it all, Job remained faithful. This is one of my favorite stories in the bible. I honestly think that Job is underrated. There were numerous movies about Moses and a few other men in the bible but there were little to none about Job. I honesty think that because there is not people lose their faithfulness to GOD when they face trials. Like Job we have to remain faithful despite what is going on around us. Like me, I desire for everyone in this world to be like Job. I am sure it is a long shot but this world will be a better place i recommend three practices that should end. It has helped me along and it could help you.

Stop Saying the Devil is Busy

In this part of the segment I will use many celebrities. One I will love to discuss is celebrity Danny Glover. Glover was born in San Francisco, California. Both of his parents were postal workers. His childhood was pretty normal. When he became an adolescent adult he suffered form epilepsy. Despite his condition he graduated from High School. Sadly, he did not graduate high school. Not much is known about his personal life early on but what is known is that he was a fighter. He continued to serve and educate and was awarded the Presidential Medal of San Francisco State University. He went on to become one of the most well known actors in the entertainment industry. I take what he did with his life quite personal. I do because I too had seizures. I was diagnosed with epilepsy as well. By 35 I had two major surgeries. I never used what I been through as an excuse. Never once said that The devil is busy because I know that GOD is. With that method being used in my life I continued being determined. It has worked for me and it will for you. The slogan is catchy but it is causing more harm than good just by saying it.

Rebuke the Pastor

It has often been reported that kids have grown up in religious settings. They read the scriptures. They heard their parents praying. They have attended the bible classes. They have attended the church activities. To name a few there was the great pop star Elvis. Katy Perry almost went Gospel. Songbirds Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson or even the late Whitney Houston. Why did they walk away? When you are looking for fame it is easy to. I have a great idea why they were searching for fame and fortune. I was one of those church kids that grew up into that. I could have walked away like these artists have done but I have learned to rebuke the pastors prophesying what I love to hear. The bible says much about prosperity but it also talks about the trials and tribulations that followers have to go through. Job followed GOD and lost everything. In the end, he chose to remain faithful. Maybe everything he was not supposed to have. Bible does say all that we need are stored in heavenly places. It is a challenge but sometimes you just need to rebuke the pastor and stand on what the word says. I am no spiritual counselor or anything but It took a while but I have learned to Rebuke the Pastor.

Gospel Entertainers

There was a video circulating on facebook that displayed openly rebuke. The artist rebuked is Gospel artist Kirk Franklin. In the past other Gospel artists have been rebuked. Christian label founder/owner/rapper lecrae was in the past. When he rebuked kirk there was an uproar in the celebrity world. That resulted in celebrities pushing back at the guy. A number of celebrities have. Those mainly broadcasted was his celebrity friends. They came to his defense. I did not really take offense to this. I saw it and expected backlash from it. Kirk heard the preacher and pulled out his camera. He made the guy call his name out. In my opinion, the truth the street preacher was saying touched a spirit in the artist. Kirk did what most of the young people do when they are caught in the act and his fans justified it. Just that easy. This nation has kept GOD out so long conviction is ignored. They don't even recognize GOD's voice. I did not really take it offensive because I see them all as entertainers. Entertainers using the gospel tag to disable souls. Kirk did not really surprise me.


The part about Job's story that really impresses me is the fact that GOD he lost it all. Mostly everything close to him he lost. He even called his wife foolish for telling him to curse GOD or something of that nature. It took me years to understand the significance of him losing his kids. He rose up, praying for them and all needed and they still died. Am I the only one that wondered why? Numerous religious platforms may have explained it very well. Those killed were not carrying what he was. It is important to be around people that believe the way you do. In this world it is not easy. We are already living in a world so much going on and the unfaithful is around you but you have to remain faith. I was terminated working my last three jobs. I worked at the city of Hollywood, then uber and doordash. It was just like a domino effect. Someone said to me "The devil is busy" and I said so is GOD. I do not say those things even if it is true. I chose to remain faithful through it all gladly. I am unemployed right now as I type this and have been the last three years. Not once have I mentioned what he is doing. Instead I ask GOD to help me to learn from it.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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