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Like Peaceful Waters

Updated on November 28, 2011

I rise each morn before the break of dawn to connect with my inner purposeful spirit. To send up a prayer and believe in the will that the most ever high takes me a step closer to my destiny. To meditate on what will be, ready and willing, eager to be a blessing .

Hands lifted high, faith raised to the sky with strong belief that when I walk in His will, the heavens will one day welcome me. In a silent room, no music playing, not a mere peep of a screeching sound. Thump...thump, thump...thump the beat of my heart composes the most perfect symphony. As I stand firm and agree that all I have, all I have given and all that's within me was set for this time, in this place to live life abundantly.

Like peaceful waters, I wait and be still til my tide rolls in and my joy is revealed to testify to what has been, what is and what's yet to be. No man alone can do it on their own, to be blessed and prosper one must be complete spiritually.

Copyright 2011. Marcella Woodson-Ursery


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