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Like a dog

Updated on February 27, 2010

I told you that i will always tell you the truth,my words will always get to you and it doesn't matter what they feel,all that matters to me is you so no matter what i do,say or accept,it is all for you that is why i wish to let you know that i meant it when i said like a dog.

You seemed not to understand me. Do you? As a matter of fact, dogs are my best pets and you know that i love them so much,i learned certain things about dogs that was why i said like a dog.Okay, let me tell you the truth.

I cannot do without you and you know that your love is my source of you,you are my everything and if i have the power to change to an animal,i will change to a dog so that i can eat you like a bone.I saw how dogs go after bones and how they eat bones but i don't want to be dogs, i simply want to be a dog. Your dog.

So baby, listen to what i have to say;

Love i am hungry for you
I want to go after you
Like a dog goes after bone

I want to wake up with you
I want to touch you like a dull

I want to be the man you dream of
I want to hold onto you all the time

Baby,i want to go after you like a dog
I want to feel you like a juicy bone
Baby let me be your pit bull

I want to eat you like a tender bone
I want to sleep next to you Angel

I want to go after you like a dog
Just whistle and i will be there


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