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Lil, Bit

Updated on August 14, 2013
Dr. Haddox profile image

Degrees: 1) Oakland U., 2) Michigan State U (College of Human Medicine), 3) George Washington U. (Medicine), Vanderbilt U. (Divinity School)

Lil, Bit

Lil, Bit

is a friend of mine

at the nursing home

where my mother lives.

I see Lil, Bit

nearly every day

since I see my mother

nearly everyday.

Lil, Bit is old

but she does not act


Sitting in her wheelchair

she propel herself

up and down

the passage-ways

using the muscles

in her powerful legs.

Constantly moving,

going and coming.

She celebrated

her 106th birthday

this summer

and we all were happy

with the Peace, the Joy and the Love,

sharing Life

with Lil, Bit.

Someone asked me

the other day,

"What is Lil, Bit's

real name?"

My reply,


I don't know.

All I know is

Lil, Bit.

All I know

is Lil, Bit

is a little woman

with a big heart.

Everybody calls her

Lil, Bit.

That's all I know.

But I do know this,

Lil, Bit

is a Joy to behold.

She is a friend

to all.

Without her


would not be the same

for me.


day by day,

is how we live

this Life.

All we have

is today.

The Joy

one feels

in Lil, Bit's smile,

her voice

and watching her

as she travels

up and down

the long passage-ways

of her wonderful home.

Lil, Bit's home

has become

a home for me too,

and a home for my mother.

Jesus once said,

"the foxes have holes,

and the birds

of the air

have nests,

but the Son of man

has no where

to lay his head."

That pertains

to all of us.

We may have

stewardship for a lot of stuff

but it's not ours

"We brought nothing in

that is,

into this Life,

and we shall take

nothing out.

Talking to Lil, Bit

and enjoying her


helps me

to see clearly,

to walk correctly,

upon this path

called Life,

and as I go,

to stand.

I thank God

for Lil, Bit.

She is really, really


and her days are numbered.

But my days

are numbered too.

Lil, Bit



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    • Dr. Haddox profile image

      Dr Freddie Haddox 4 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

      markdarmafall, your encourage and support is greatly appreciated. I had the pleasure of visiting your hubpages site and was very impressed with your background and world-view. I look forward to see you excel in the hubpages community as one of our best writers. You have the "right-stuff" to really make a mark in the world of writers. Regards, Dr. Haddox

    • markdarmafall profile image

      Mark 4 years ago from Moundsville,WV

      That is so true. We brought nothing into this world and we shall take nothing out. We are stewards entrusted by God over his creation. Very well written using lil bit's life to help us reflect on our own. Two thumbs up.