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Lion and mouse

Updated on July 10, 2017

Once upon a time, there lived a lion who ruled the forest

one day after eating his meal, the lion felt a sleep under a tree.

a little mouse saw him and thought it would be fun to play on him.

he began running up and down the sleeping lion.

he ran up the tail and slid down the tail.

the lion woke up angrily with a loud roar.

he grabbed the mouse with his hug paw.

the mouse struggled but could not escape.

the lion opened his big jaws to swallow him.

the mouse was very scared.

the mouse: Oh king i am very scared,pleas don't eat me.

forgive me this time, please let me go.

i shall never forget it and maybe one day i can help you.


the lion was so amused by the idea of the mouse being able to help him.

that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

the mouse: thank you king, i will never forget your kindness.

the lion: you are lucky my friend that i just eaten.

now go but don't mess with me again.

or i will make a meal of you


few days later, the lion was roaming the jungle.

hunters set a trap a to catch the lion.

the hunters hid bihind the tree waiting for lion to approach the trap.

as he did the hunters pulled the ropes and caught him in the net.

the lion started to roar loudly and tried to escape.

but hunters fastened the net.

they went back to the village to bring a cart to a transport the lion.

the lion was still roaring loudly.

all the animals including the mouse heard the roar.

the mouse: the king is in trouble, i must return the favour.

he soon reached the lion.

the mouse: don't worry, my king, i will set you free.

he climbed up the trap and used his sharp little teeth to bite through the ropes.

finally he freed the lion from the trap.

the lion realized that even a little mouse can be a great help.


the lion: thank you mouse, i will never trouble you again.

live happily in my forest.

you saved the king's life.

now you are the prince of this forest.

the mouse: thank you king, bye, see you soon.

the lion: where are you doing?

don't you want to play on me and slide down my tail?

the mouse started jumping on his back and sliding down his tail.

after a while, the hunters came back with a big cart to carry the lion.

the lion and mouse saw them and started running towards them.

the lion gave a big roar.

the hunters were terrified and ran away back to the village.

lion and mouse became friends forever.


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