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Cat Burglars

Updated on June 15, 2017

Upskirt bandits rob liquor store

Maniac relaxing with his bud, watching the local news about Clepto. Cliff got his tongue.
Maniac relaxing with his bud, watching the local news about Clepto. Cliff got his tongue.

Scatter Gunned

In a little town called Trinidad was the local liquor store where the owner also resides who is named Cliff. In the town also lived the two small time crooks their names are Clepto and the other was Maniac. Whom I will get back to in a moment.

Cliff the store owner like to go out to the shooting range to show off his handgun skills when he has the spare time to allow such a treat. Now back to the other two characters.

Clepto and Maniac were in desperate need of some alcohol beverages but neither character had the fund to even buy a beer. So they both went to see Cliff to arrange a payment method to acquire some brew, after the insane proposition that was schemed up by the two, Cliff laughed at them and tell them to get out of his store.

The two were angered by the embarrassing treatment by Cliff and went away fuming and plotting to get him back for such degradation. They finally came up with a scheme to break into his shop and help themselves to his finest stock after the store closing which is 10 pm.

They allowed two hours after the store closed to make their plan come to fruition, they gain access to a rotted area of wall that was not known to Cliff; It's time now to get to work they said ; Maniac said to Clepto you will have to stay outside and keep watch while I go in and get the stuff Clepto agreed. Maniac went in and started on his shopping spree, in the process he carelessly knocked a bottle to the ground that broke and started Cliff, Cliff reached for the gun he always have under his pillow and started to do a walk through, Maniac hid behind some boxes when he saw Cliff with the gun and cried out meow, Cliff scratch his head and said stupid cat then went back to bed. Maniac managed to get his win fall outside; Clepto was impressed with maniac's haul and then said how did you manage with all that noise I heard inside? Maniac replied I was a cat.

Clepto said it's my turn to get extra, so in he went for his share; while gathering the goodies he knocked several bottles to the floor and started Cliff for the second time; Cliff got up and proceeded to the display area cursing, Clepto saw him and hid behind some boxes also, then Cliff said who is there? Clepto replied and said I am a cat. Stupid cat burglar, hope this made you laugh.


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