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Lisbeth- The Girl Continues Her Fight Against Injustice

Updated on March 24, 2016

Lisbeth Salander Hacks Her Way in Spider's Web

The Millennium series created by Stieg Larsson was an instant hit with book lovers as soon as it was released. The lead, Lisbeth Salander became the most popular character with her cocksure attitude and care-a-dime wit which took everyone by surprise. The more everyone hated her wits, the more the readers loved it. The plot itself was filled with drama, violence and mixed emotions one has to undergo while making difficult choices. All of this was supposed to be over when Larsson suffered a heart attack after publishing his third novel of the series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest.

Thanks to Lagercrantz, Lisbeth was reincarnated in the fourth novel and I have to say, it was one helluva comeback. The plot was nothing short of breath-taking, what with illegal hacking in top government organization, shady officials and a secret criminal group comprised of hackers and murderers.

Readers must know that Lisbeth besides being a gifted hacker is also a difficult girl with a bad temper, bad attitude and bad social skills. But she has a good moral judgement and that what matters to her and a few people close to her, one them being an investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist. Both of them coincidentally find themselves fighting the same opponent, with Lisbeth trying to chase her past and Blomkvist sniffing a scoop.

But they have to help each other in this war as it won't be easy this time fighting against an enemy who operates under the codename Thanos. The story gets murkier with the murder of an internationally acclaimed scientist Frans Balder murdered in his own house and his lifetime’s work on Artificial Intelligence presumed to be stolen. Lisbeth attempts a brave but foolish step to hack into the server of NSA to find more about Thanos and make him pay for his crimes. On the other hand, Thanos is plotting desperately to kill August, Balder's autistic child who witnessed his murder and the only link to identify Balder's killers.

I know I am dropping some beans, but I can’t help it as this story is nothing short of a reader's fantasy to get a modern crime fiction with an unpopular but gifted protagonist. And now if you want to know who Thanos is, how is he linked to Lisbeth, how did Blomkvist come into picture and what is so special about August, my advice will be to go out and grab your copy now! You won't want to miss it for the world!


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