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The Current List of the most valuable Silver Age Comics

Updated on August 31, 2016
Steve Ditko co creator of Spider-man.
Steve Ditko co creator of Spider-man.

The Silver Age of Comic Books Begins

The Silver Age of Comic Books is generally regarded as starting in 1956 with the release of DC comics Showcase # 4, for many years Superheroes had been out of favor, with DC only producing comics that featured their big three characters Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and Marvel ( at this time known as Atlas Comics ) producing no Superhero based comics at all, Showcase # 4 reintroduced a character the Flash who had been around since the 1940s and the popularity of this issue helped paved the way for a new wave of Superhero comic books that introduced or reintroduced characters that even today play a major part in our popular culture, people across the world thrill to the movies of Spider-man, The Fantastic Four, The X-MEN etc, these characters incredible though it seems were the product of the minds of just 2 or 3 men, amazing artists and storytellers who's contribution to the world of popular culture enjoyed by millions cannot be understated.

Due to the popularity of Superhero comics increasing DC decided to produce a comic that included some of their most popular characters in one Superhero team, the Justice League of America made their debut in The Brave and the Bold #28 in March 1960, this new super team featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman was an immediate success leading to the group starring in their own comic dedicated to the exploits of the JLA.

Impressed by the sales of DCs new super team Martin Goodman then editor at Marvel challenged a young member of Marvels creative team Stan Lee to come up with something similar, as Marvel had no existing Superhero characters to turn to he came up with the idea for the Fantastic Four, four young friends who suffer a radiation accident whilst traveling in space and are mutated into super beings with incredible powers, this book began the collaboration between Lee the storyteller and Jack Kirby the artist and comic books would never look back.

Over the period of the next few years Lee and Kirby with help from such legendary artists as Steve Ditko, Wallace Wood, Don Heck and others would introduce us to some of the best known characters in comicdom, The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Daredevil as well as the super teams The X-Men and The Avengers would all make their debuts, apart from the late 1930s / early 1940s when Batman and Superman first appear this short period 1961 to 1964 has to be the most important period in comic book history and certainly we will never see the like of it again.

Martin Goodman Marvel Comics editor during the early 60s
Martin Goodman Marvel Comics editor during the early 60s
Jack Kirby and Stan Lee
Jack Kirby and Stan Lee


As might be expected key comic books from this period now demand some very high prices indeed, the first appearances of some of these major comic book characters have become the holy grail for comic book collectors worldwide, below you will find a list of just some of the valuable comics of the Silver Age, they are not in any particular order as prices paid can vary as condition of a comic plays such an important part in its value but generally expect to pay a lot of money for any comic book that features on this list.

List of Key Valuable Comic Books of the 1960s

Amazing Fantasy # 15 The first appearance of Spider-man, written by Stan Lee with a cover by Jack Kirby and interior artwork by Steve Ditko.

This comic book has reached over $1 million dollars at auction.
This comic book has reached over $1 million dollars at auction.

SHOWCASE # 4 The first Silver Age appearance of The Flash.

Showcase # 4
Showcase # 4

. FANTASTIC FOUR # 1 The debut of Marvels first super team.

FF debut fighting the Mole Man
FF debut fighting the Mole Man

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 Peter Parker gets his own comic.

INCREDIBLE HULK #1 The green skinned giant makes his bow.

My favorite cover of all time.
My favorite cover of all time.

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY # 83 Norse God Thor appears in the Marvel Universe for the first time.

Don Blake gets hold of a hammer.
Don Blake gets hold of a hammer.

TALES OF SUSPENSE # 39 Debut of Iron Man.

Tin man escapes from Vietnamese prison.
Tin man escapes from Vietnamese prison.

SHOWCASE # 8 Second appearance of the Silver Age Flash.

X-MEN #1 Xaviers young mutants first day in class.

Not too popular when they first came out.
Not too popular when they first came out.

BRAVE AND THE BOLD # 28 The Justice League of America appear on the scene.

Somehow a giant starfish doesn't seem so bad.
Somehow a giant starfish doesn't seem so bad.

Other Valuable Silver Age Comic Books

The comic books above are some of the most valuable from the period, but there are many other books from the time that command a massive premium, listed below are some more valuable Silver Age books.

DC: Showcase # 9, Showcase # 22, Justice League of America # 1, The Flash # 105, Green Lantern # 1, Adventure Comics # 247, Action Comics # 252, Detective Comics # 359

MARVEL: Fantastic Four # 4,5,12,48 , Amazing Spider-man # 2,3,14, Avengers# 1,4, Daredevil #1,7, Sgt Fury # 13.

Do some research and you will find many more valuable Silver Age comic books, thanks for reading.


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