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Listen To Me Carefully

Updated on December 14, 2009

What happen when someone don't listen to warning that a typhoon will be coming today? What will be his reaction? Does the information he heard is not enough for him to prepare for the worse? Should he heed to the warning or just leave it in deaf ears? If the typhoon will surely arrive can he still afford to smile? Can he listen only if he has enough proof that it is really coming?

Communication is part of our expression to listen. It translate into an understanding by enhancing our ability to reason out because of our different belief. We were given the right to choose, to listen or not at all.

We questioned the integrity of the information. The reason is that we are not yet prepared to accept the truth. But truth always prevail.

In a classroom, the teacher was talking about the lesson for the day. Some of the students were attentive in listening what the teacher was saying. The others were sleepy because they are not interested to hear the voice of their teacher. A few were talking together at the middle of the ongoing class. This behavior were common in a classroom. It was a sign of disrespect to the authority of the school who tried their best to give themĀ  enough knowledge they are seeking.

Many accident occurred in the street due to negligence. The reason is failure to listen to the traffic rules and regulation by comprehending instruction to avoid over-speeding. His inattentiveness cause the accident. This was only part of the many instances for a failure to listen. The power to listen was not given much importance. Those are the kind of people who don't have concern for the welfare and safety of others. When will these kind of persons change their ways?

How to become a good listener?

-Focus your attention fully to the person you are talking. Maintain a good eye contact and understand what he is saying.

-Avoid many distraction from your mind. Be attentive even for a few minutes. Have peace of mind to open yourself and understand what the speaker is trying to say to you.

-If you really listen to him, you can nod your head, smile or laugh or even raised your eyebrow in response to the one talking. Be communicative. Nodding your head is enough to recognize that your are listening and has interest for him to continue.

-If you are an attentive listener you can easily respond him by showing interest and understanding. If you agree, then say yes. If not, tell him honestly but not during the time when he still speaking as a sign of respect.

-During the open forum, participate and raise an honest question related to the subject. Ask question you need for clarification and better understanding.

-Take time to listen to others. Openly tell them about your problems and other concerns. He can give you his opinion and advice for your satisfaction.

-Give yourself time to be silent. Stop talking and listen to him putting aside your own personal need. Allow time for him to finish the conversation. It is of your own best interest.

-Do not interrupt while in discussion. Wait for him to ask your opinion of what has been brought during the meeting for resolution. Give only own own opinion but not an advice. Let him decide what is best under certain circumstances.

-Give time for yourself to relax. Maintain better composure. Avoid showing any irritation or annoyance when he is talking to you. You can disagree later if you are not convince about his points. Be diplomatic and show sign of respect.

-If someone wanted to talk to you about important matters even if you are working, give him a few minutes of full attention. If not possible, set an appointment to a certain time available so that you can talk freely without any interruption.

Be a good listener. It is your best asset to maintain. By listening, you showed your best abilities that others have not. Listen to your instinct. Show your hidden talent. It will be your starting point to improve your life.



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