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Listen to the Night (Poem)

Updated on January 28, 2015

A poem about sacrifice

You are only skin, broken, yet soft and gentle, while your mind screams thoughts of nothingness, you run, you fall, but you have thick skin, and it keeps you safe, listen to the night, she has lost her heart, In a field of sleeping white horses, you tiptoe, as the rose bushes laugh at your naked soul, here, come here, you can not break me, listen to the night, her romance with the day, her longing to be able to touch the sun, knowing she will never get to feel her lover, she remains faithful to that sun, as the moon quietly weeps, for a love that will remain sleeping in that field of white horses, where the night whispers her secrets, Go run, fight for the light, fall, crawl, keep moving, towards all those hands that are reaching for you, yet non of them can carry you, it is your night, your secret, you are the only one who can choose your own sky, I will stay up through the night, watching you want your life, watching you crawl, fight, cry, fall, at the end, you will stand up, with a stronger heart, full of the secret of the night... Listen to the night.


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