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Concepts of Literature in Relation to History

Updated on November 4, 2013
literature via morgueFile
literature via morgueFile | Source

What is literature?

There are different definitions from different authors about literature. Denotatively, literature is come from the Latin word “litera” means an acquaintance with letters, the root definition of literature.

From the book of Atienza, Ramos, Zalaman and Nazal entitled Philippine Literature, it truly implies that true literature is endless. It is about expressing your feelings as your reaction in your daily living and your determination to live and see the Almighty God.

According to Bro. Azarias “literature is expressing of your emotions, in society, in government, in n ature, to fellowmen and to God.” People express their emotions through love, happiness, sadness or bitterness, anger, revenge and others.

Also, according to Webster “anything accompanied by letters that have meaning in relation to cognitive and affective of a person even it is fiction or nonfiction can be said as literature.”

Literature includes the actions of the people symbolizes their nationalism. This is the extreme powers that unites their hearts and lighten up their mind in reality. This is where written all the names and biographies of all genius of every generations. Literature is endless light in every one’s life of the people.

library via morgueFile
library via morgueFile | Source

Literature and History

Literature and history are always bind together. In discussing of history of one’s race surely it involves the feelings, thoughts, beliefs or traditions. If all of these things put to letters it can be said as literature. History translated to letters that’s why it called as a real literature. All things that translated to letters and truly happened in reality can be said as a real literature. More over, history is part of literature. Without history, there is no literature.

Both literature and history has also differences. Literature can be a fiction or a fictitious product of mind that are out of reality, while on other hand history involves all the situations that truly happened- there’s a setting causes of incidents and time.

Why we need to study literature?

There are five important things why we need study literature:

First: for us to know ourselves as a people of society and cultivate our mind and skills that we inherited from our ancestors.

Second: just like the other races of the world, we have to know that we have a great tradition serve as our stepping stones to unite the cultures brought here in our country.

Third: for us to realize our deficits in writing of literature and strive to change and put it unto right path.

Fourth: for us to know and use our skills in writing and determine to nourish and make it productive.

Fifth: above all things, we as a human being lover our cultures we need to show our concern to our own literature.

Factors that affect literature

There are five important things that affect literature. These are:

  1. Climate- the hotness or coldness of a place, typhoons, disasters, floods and rains have a great impact to the mind and feelings of a writer.
  2. Work or daily living – it involves the words or language uses and literature of a race in its aim, work or in daily living.
  3. Place- it has a big contribution to the mind and feelings o f a writer. If the place have a beautiful spots, thousands of flowers, fresh air, blue seas and green forests can be serve as a main subject of the writer.
  4. Society and politics- It reflect the systems of government, the ideology and values of society and also its culture.
  5. Education and religion- being full of knowledge causes of education, it can reflect to the literature of a race. Faith is the most topic or subject of the writer.

Influences of literature

Literature has great influences to the life, mind and values of the people.

  1. Literature explains the meaning of intelligence and civilization of the author.
  2. Because of literature, it unites the hearts of the people in the world. They exchange their values and systems and helping each other.

There are also authorized literature that brought influences to the whole world. Some of these are:

  1. Bible- it serve as a basis of Christianity. From Palestine and Greece.
  2. Quran- the bible of Muslims. From Arabia.
  3. Iliad and Odyssy- it is proven with the mythologies and legends of Greece. Authored by Homer.
  4. Mahabharata- the longest epic in the world. It involves the history of religion.
  5. Canterbury tales- describes the faith and values of Ingles during ancient times. From Inglatera written by Chaucer.
  6. Uncle Tom’s Cabin- authored by Harriet Beecher Stowe of United States. It includes the situations of immorality happened in slaves people and serve as a basis of democracy.
  7. Divine comedia- authored by Dante of Italy.
  8. El Cid Compeador
  9. Song of Rolando- it involves the Doce Pares at Roncesvalles of France. It narrate the golden times of Christianity in France.
  10. Book of Dead- includes all the of Osiris and mythology and theology of Egypt.

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      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Oh i see, I just put links of the book so that in case my google adsense will be approved I will earn thru ebay.

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      jklahlou 4 years ago

      Apologies! I presumed you had, from the links on the side to the books.

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      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

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    • jklahlou profile image

      jklahlou 4 years ago

      Interesting article there. I agree. Although I'm not a fan of reading books (never have even as a child), I do read just to learn about culture, history, and to improve my own knowledge and writing skills. I have a few classics waiting to be read on my shelf - just need to motivation to go and read them now :)

      Congratulations on being approved for with Google!