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Little Life

Updated on September 26, 2014

Little Life

By Faith Angela D. Tomas

Broken was his little heart;

Into bits it broke apart.

Stolen was his little life;

Light snatched from his infant eyes.

In silence his cry echoed,

“Mother, do not let me go!”

How…How could you have ignored,

His little voice, crawled from veins to core?

A sweet name he could have had,

A kind home he could have loved.

Such beauty he could have seen,

A world full of could-have-been!

Yet darkness was all he saw,

Your heart, a lullaby song,

He loved you from womb to death,

Did you have to put him to bed?

Oh dear little life, what shame,

A misstep, you had to pay!

Your life she just had to take,

But this loan she can’t rebate!

But weep no more for your child,

He’s happy with life above.

Mourn no more for his dear life

You’re forgiven from his love.

And be sad not little one,

Mama loves you in her heart!

Wipe your eyes of tears from cries

Now rest, joy in deathless life!


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