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Little Marie

Updated on February 25, 2013

 This is my first story, so if you think it is bad then that is why!!

Little Marie

There was once a little girl called Marie, she had so many friends at her school and always came skipping home, with a beaming smile on her face! Then one day Marie’s Mummy and Daddy told her she had to go to a different school. She cried and cried, she was desperate to go back to her old school. Everybody in her new class was so different and she didn’t fit in at all. Nobody liked Marie, they thought she was posh. Instead of going home so happy like she used to after school, Marie went home and cried.

Marie’s Mummy and Daddy knew they had made the right decision in making her change schools, but they could see she was desperately unhappy. So to try to cheer Marie up, her Mummy and Daddy bought her a kitten! She was delighted! She named him Tom, and loved to play with him every day. He was her only friend.

After a while, the people in her new class adapted to her being there, she made friends finally, and even had a new best friend. But now she had new friends she could see that Tom was lonely. So she asked her Mummy if she could have another kitten, a friend for Tom. Her Mummy thought it was a wonderful idea and that weekend they went to get Tom’s new friend. He was called Jerry!

Tom did not like Jerry at all. He would chase him around the house and in the garden. Jerry was so small compared to Tom the only places he could hide away were; under the wardrobes or in the tiny hole of the holly bush. Tom couldn’t get him there. In those places Jerry was safe. Unfortunately, as Jerry got older he started to worry, he thought his safe places from Tom were getting smaller, but it was actually just him getting bigger! Jerry didn’t have anywhere left to hide, Tom still chased him, and Jerry was still scared.

Not a day went by that Tom and Jerry had a fight, Marie thought she had made a big mistake trying to make Jerry Tom’s friend. However, one day Jerry was in the garden, he had climbed up the big apple tree as far from Tom as he could. The branches on the tree Jerry was perched on were creaking. Tom just stared up at Jerry from the ground. Jerry was stuck, then: SNAP!Jerry’s back legs started to dangle, he was desperately hanging on by his front claws. Tom stood up, still staring at Jerry, but Jerry could not hold on anymore and he fell. Tom ran up the tree as far as he dare go, but could not see Jerry.

Jerry lay next to a wall alone, until one day a man walking his dog saw Jerry. The man scooped Jerry up into his arms so gently, he took him home and called the number on Jerry’s collar. Marie was so pleased to have him back again. But she was not the only one, Tom was thrilled too!

Tom and Jerry are now friends, best friends! Just what Marie wanted! Tom and Jerry no longer fight, they play together instead, like best friends do! Marie is always on the telephone to her new friends, and loves to spend her time with them. Tom and Jerry are always together, instead of chasing Jerry, Tom now chases the new chickens that Marie’s family have on their farm. Jerry joins in occasionally, but he prefers to sit and watch as the chickens flap about and feathers fly everywhere. Marie likes to watch them both, Tom running around and Jerry watching on the sideline sneezing as feathers float past his nose! It always makes her laugh!



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