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Little Rock (Sudden Fiction)

Updated on July 10, 2017

A few words about this

This was a piece that was accepted by the citywide arts journal, The Tucson Weekly. The object was to write a story in 75 words or less. And mine - this one and Ghost Story - were both seventy five words. Quite a concept and a lot of the students would submit their work. It was a lot of fun too, trying to get something across in seventy five words or less and this was years before the internet was what it is today.

A little trite perhaps, really too short and maybe seemingly pointless. I had fun with it and it was nice to have people tell me they say my "story" in the paper.

Not the actual issue it was printed in

originally published in the Tucson Weekly

Mikey lives in the country. Wakes up, age seven. Takes the yellow bus number three to school. The sears are hard and he walks to Mrs. Art's checkered classroom, down the postered hall twice daily.

On the playground kicking rocks. He runs down the road and now lives in Surburbia.

Downtown office has room with view. He loves his family and won't go back.

Not for summers in Tahiti or oatmeal cookies at noon.



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