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Little Snow White: Grimm Brothers

Updated on June 10, 2015
"Snow White Mirror 1". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -
"Snow White Mirror 1". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Snow White and The Wicked Queen

Once upon a time, there was a queen who wished that she had a child with snow-white skin, red lips, and black hair.

She got what she wanted so they called her Little Snow White but as soon as she was born, the queen died.

The king took another wife, a beautiful, proud, and arrogant woman. She had a magic mirror and every morning she asked who in the land was the fairest of all. Each time, the mirror replied that she was the fairest of all.

When Snow White grew up, she became more beautiful than the queen and the mirror said so. The queen was enraged with envy, she hated Snow White and ordered a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods to kill her. To prove that Snow White was dead, the huntsman must bring her lungs and liver back to the queen.

The huntsman took the poor girl into the woods and was about to kill her when she cried and begged to spare her life. She promised to run into the woods and never come back. The huntsman took pity on her and spared her, thinking that the wild animals would soon devour her. He then killed a wild boar and took its lungs and liver back to the queen. The cook was asked to boil them and the wicked queen ate what she thought was Snow White’s lungs and liver.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White ran as fast as she can, notwithstanding her fear. She ran until she could run no more, and as the evening fell, she saw a little house where she entered to rest. The house was clean and neat but she found everything in it so small. She ate and drank whatever she could find. She found seven small beds and tried to lay on each of them until she found one that was comfortable enough to sleep.

When night came, the masters of the house came home. They were the seven dwarfs who dug for ore in the mountains. They realized that someone was in their house because everything was not as they left them in the morning.

They found Snow White sleeping and they did not wake her up. Next morning, Snow White woke up and was frightened to see the seven dwarfs. They asked for her name and she replied, “Snow White.”

When asked how she came to their house, she told them about her stepmother’s plan to have her killed. The seven dwarfs allowed her to stay with them if she would keep house for them.

Each morning, the seven dwarfs went into the mountains to dig for ore and gold. Snow White stayed in the house alone with her chores. In the evening, the dwarfs come home to a ready meal. The dwarfs reminded her always not to let anyone into the house because her stepmother could soon know where she was.

The queen, satisfied that there’s no one more beautiful than her, asked the mirror once again who was the fairest of all, to which it replied that Snow White beyond the mountains, with the seven dwarfs was still fairer than her.

The queen realized that she was deceived by the huntsman, and that Snow White still lived. She disguised herself as an old peddler woman and came to the house of the dwarfs. She successfully got Snow White to buy a bodice lace and even laced her up. She pulled so hard that Snow White could no longer breathe. She left thinking that Snow White was dead.

That night, the dwarfs came home and cut the lace in two, making Snow White breathe again and came back to life. They warned Snow White not to let anyone into the house when she was alone because the old peddler woman was the wicked queen.

Again, the queen asked her mirror and she got the same reply that Snow White is fairer than her. She knew that Snow White still lived.

She fashioned a poisoned comb and disguised herself again as another old woman who peddled wares. Again Snow White did not realize that she was being tricked into buying the poisoned comb and allowing the old woman to comb her hair.

At night, the seven dwarfs came home and found her lying on the ground like dead. They saw the comb, pulled it out and Snow White came back to life. Once again, the seven dwarfs warned Snow White to be on the lookout for the wicked queen, and never to open the door to anyone.

Back at the palace, the queen asked her mirror the same question again and she got the same answer. She flew into a rage and screamed that Snow White must die.

Then she made a poisoned apple and disguised herself again, this time as a peasant woman. She went to Snow White and knocked on the door. The unsuspecting Snow White took the apple offered by the woman and bit into it. She fell on the ground unconscious.

At the palace, the queen asked the mirror her favorite question again, and this time it replied that she was the fairest of all. Then she knew that Snow White was dead.

When the dwarfs came home that night, they found Snow White lying on the ground again, but this time, she was dead. They laid her on a bier and mourned for three days. Since she looked as beautiful as when she was alive, they decided not to bury her. They, instead, put her in a glass coffin with her name written in golden letters, and they also wrote that she was a princess.

The glass coffin was put outside on a mountain, and the dwarfs took turns watching over Snow White. The animals also came and mourned for Snow White. She laid in the coffin for a long time but she still looked like she was just sleeping.

Snow White illustration from German children's book 1919. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -
Snow White illustration from German children's book 1919. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Snow White and The Prince

Once, a prince entered the woods and saw the dwarf’s house. He also saw the coffin on the mountain with Snow White in it. He fell in love with Snow White and pleaded to take the coffin with him. The dwarfs felt pity for the prince and gave him the glass coffin.

When the servants of the prince carried the coffin with Snow White inside, one of them stumbled and dislodged the piece of poisoned apple from Snow White’s throat. She opened her eyes and became alive again. She fell in love with the prince and agreed to go with him as his bride.

The wedding was planned. Snow White’s wicked stepmother was invited to the wedding. She asked the mirror her usual question and it replied that the young queen was fairer than her. She did not know what to do. She did not want to attend the wedding but she also wanted to see the queen.

She went and when she recognized Snow White, she could not move out of terror. A pair of iron shoes were put into burning coals and placed before the wicked stepmother. She was forced to step into them and danced until she fell down and died.

Snow White Disney Version

In the Disney version (1937), Snow White has already met the prince at the beginning of the story. It is her wish that someday her prince will come.

The wicked queen tells the huntsman to bring the girl’s heart instead of her lungs and liver to prove that she is dead. The wicked queen only came to the dwarfs’ cottage once disguised as an old woman, taking the poisoned apple which can cause a sleeping death. But the spell of the "sleeping death" can be broken by love’s first kiss.

The Prince awakened Snow White with a kiss. And the wicked queen was chased by the animals and the dwarfs until she fell to her death down a cliff.


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