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Little Suzie's Bad Day

Updated on September 25, 2011

Poor Suzie had a bad day, It started off in a painful way,

Inside the house she ran around, It was all fun until she fell down,

Little Suzie had bumped her head, So little Suzie went to her bed,

But what she did not know, Was that her bed was covered in snow,

She had left the window open wide, The snow came in from the outside,

Suzie did not know what to do, So she pushed the snow off with her shoe,

Off the shelf she grabs a book, But she can tell with just one look,

That the snow had wet the pages, Now it has to sit and dry for ages,

On the bed she laid there cold, Feeling like shes ninety years old,

Up she sprang for the kitchen, Wanting some warm soup with chicken,

Suprised to find that there was none, Suzie gave up and said "I am done!"

"This day was bad, this day made me sad,"

She went to bed to fall asleep, Before she could she laid in weep,

Poor little Suzie just wanted have fun and play, Maybe she will have some luck tommorow,

This just wasn't her day.

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    • profile image

      shygirl2 6 years ago

      Aw, poor little girl. Liked the poem, EcoAsh.

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