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Little Voices In Their Heads.

Updated on January 12, 2010

Little voices in their heads.

And he

"Death to all,"
in their souless minds,
as they boarded the planes,
and buckled up for safety.

Drinks came around,
and they ordered doubles,
in non-alcoholic beverages,
to quench their parched throats,
as he whispered.
"Paradise awaits you."

One of them saw
the tiny two year old,
in the next aisle...
a sweet little girl,
much like his own
but he whispered,
"Fodder for Allah."

They thought of

their families,
Moms, Dads,

Wives, siblings,lovers,
while intermixed with many families,
seated all around them
but he whispered...
"Allah for one, and one for Allah."

Soon enough the

box cutters came out,
and there was slicing and screams,
and planes out of control,
and fiery death, Pent up gone,
Trading towers for airspace,
and Shanks-ville to many souls,
and he whispered,

Down in the bowels of hell,

in agony the 19 

continued to writhe,
immediately after their arrivals,
minus the 72 virgins,
or any other creature comforts,
they bore incredible, endless pain,
like the wusses they were,
when they killed the innocent,
as he whispered

over and over again,
with a hideous howl,
"I Gotcha!!!"



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