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Little Yellow Locket

Updated on June 7, 2013

There was once a boy with a little yellow locket.

It was shiny and sleek, always deep in his pocket

He had it so long he forgot where he got it

But he knew about something, something he couldn't prove to be true

Now he has one - but once upon a time there were two

Myths, fairytales, and stories - but what can you see?

The little boy knew not of this person or how they might be

He held on to the locket because Daddy said that he must

Daddy said only the locket can push onto day time from dusk

So every night before bed, he'd reach deep in his pocket

Sit on his bed and take a good look at that locket

And every night he'd trust what he saw to be true

The locket made the dark time go away, and that was all that he knew

But he had never opened it once; he dare not stop what it did

Being in the dark is scary when all the shadows are against one little kid

You see every night it's a dream, his mind becomes his sky

Darkness takes over every time he closes his eyes

Shadows, Darkness, and Evil – all ripping at the seams

He never thought he was safe, not even deep in his dreams

But every night it worked and he woke up safe and quite sound

Every night but one - something was different this time around

One night Daddy was late and it was almost time for bed

He thought about what to do and counted the thoughts race through his head

So he locked the doors and turned down the blinds

A night light on in every corner, you are always safe where pocket sunlight shines

He brushed his teeth and grabbed his teddy named Mellow

Bed time was Bed time, and it was Bed time for this fellow

Rolling into bed he reached deep in his pocket

Looked at the light in the corner, then looked at the locket

He knew he'd be fine - to think otherwise made him giggle

So he pulled up the covers and nestled in with a jiggle

It was dark in his room but the night light made everything slightly yellow

He rolled over and hugged his dear little teddy-

Goodnight Daddy, Goodnight locket, and Goodnight my friend Mello

Soon enough he was out floating deep in his dreams

Lost in the garden where imagination shapes the trees

It was calm and pleasant, only an eye lid away from Home

But he woke quite suddenly to a thunderous and deadly tone

When he opened his eyes he couldn’t believe what he saw

Shadows danced around him – and around him some more

He looked for his teddy; he was nowhere to be found

So the little boy jumped out of bed and ran on the ground

He ran past the Cyclopes, the Giant, and jumped past the Beast

Why did they want him? Why was he the feast?

He stopped in his tracks – too scared to look around

Fear gripped him by the bone and he made not a sound

Dad wasn’t home and what could he do?

This never happened before – you only know what you knew

But the little boy stood up tall and turned around with a stare

They had his Best friend - even if it was just a Little Teddy Bear

So he called into the darkness and told them all to go away!

The Giant, the Cyclopes, and the Beast all stopped in their tracks

Even the shadows stopped prancing and seemed to relax

But all of a sudden it grew darker – and darker yet still

All the light was gone as the darkness took its fill

The monsters turned to the little boy and edged towards his heart

They marched together in rhythm like they planned it from the start

The boy backed up slowly.. He didn’t know what to do

So he sat in the corner as his final breaths he drew

All of a sudden like magic – a light came from his pocket

He reached in and was shocked to see it was coming from the locket

The monsters looked scared and stopped on a dime

Even darkness gets scared when darkness is its only sign

Without a second thought, he held it tight in his hands

Took a deep breath and opened it in one command..

When he woke up again he couldn’t believe where he was found

Sun shined through the blinds and not a monster around

Not a shadow with rhythm, not a beast for the eye to glare

Only sunlight and Mellow – with messed up bed hair

So he rolled down the covers and took a great deep breath

Darkness was no more. No more darkness – no more death

He reached in his pocket to see what magic saved his life

What magic loved him so much without even having to ask twice

He held the Little Yellow Locket up to his little blue eyes

What a fortunate morning to have such a bright sunny sky

Without a second thought, he held it tight in his hands

Took a deep breath and opened it in one command

Inside was a picture of a little girl with a little golden bear

She had a pretty smile, blue eyes, and long golden hair

To its left was a message engraved ever so slightly into the metal

He read it once over and his thoughts began to settle..

To my Dear Baby Boy – I can’t explain what I am

I can’t explain my heart and I can’t explain my plan

But believe in what you feel and love what’s to come

I’m sorry I’ll never meet you – but you will always be my son

I will always be there like the darkness that covers the Moon

Look to me for safety and it will always come and come soon

Remember to look after Daddy – he promised to never look inside

For this is our little secret and here our love resides

The little boy closed the locket and rolled back up the sheets

Put it back in his pocket and closed his eyes to go to sleep

He knew about something, something he couldn't prove to be true

Now he has one - but once upon a time there were two

But time hasn’t faltered and the idea still remains

Like a ghost in the system the presence sometimes seems strange

Love crawls through your heart without even making a sound

And our Mothers know us before our roots even touch the ground

He yawned big and wide - and nestled tightly into bed

He decided Bed time was gone so this became Bed time instead

But quickly he rolled over to grab Mellow by the ear

Pulled him as close as possible and made perfectly sure that he was near

Weather he put two and two together is a mystery as old as the place called Home

But secretly he knew, no matter what he was never going to be alone


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    • Danieltastic profile image

      Daniel James Hinton 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      I haven't lost my Mother. But it would shatter me. Feeling and writing this put me in that mindset, but I'm glad it was for a good cause! Thank you so much.

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 4 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      I feel sad because he never met his mother.

      I feel happy because she loved him enough to leave the locket and the teddy bear.

      This is kind of close to my heart, because it touches on one of my biggest fears. To lose the mother of my children would be a great blow to me, and I'm not sure i could handle it as well as this father did.