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The Little Wild Duck

Updated on June 9, 2017
The Little Wild Duck

Once you sound, "Kweek Kweek!"
He will replies, "Kweek Kweek!"
His voice spoke the feeling of missing his family
and longing for Edwin who became his company.

On the day that Edwin's wife found him
together with his company,
his mother wild duck flew away;
and Edwin took care of them.

He gave food and water,
gave warmth when it is cold,
gave light when the dark is bold,
and gave love to them, moreover.

Each day, loneliness was there
for the little duck's companions died.
for cause we knew never;
that the little duck cried and cried.

'til the day came that he's the only one left
but the memories of his companion were kept;
that more love was given
and more care was havin'.

Wherever Edwin would go,
the little wild duck did follow.
Even in the new world he would fit,
'cause of Edwin, his path was right and worth it.

Until the day came that Edwin gone away-
gone to his hometown, there to stay.
Can't bring the little wild duck with them
for authorities might get him.

He decided to leave the little wild duck to us,
that we will love him even times pass.
Like Edwin loved the little wild duck,
love and care to him we won't lack.

And now he has his new company,
enjoying with them like a true family.
Even though his company were chicks,
to their friendship nothing breaks.

Wherever the company goes,
he surely follows.
With his tail wagging,
you will enjoy seeing.

When the chicks sound "Chick Chick!"
He replies "Kweek Kweek!"
Despite they are different,
he could still complement.

That on the little wild duck's eyes
happiness is multiplied thrice
though he lost his family.
He is happy with a new company.


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