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Live every moment--(inspired by Osho)

Updated on October 30, 2013

Let me ask you something---d u know the reason y u are on earth??Man is born..and then he dies..what remains is just his spirit,his very soul which thrives for existence,which yearns for the virgin essence and fragrance of flowers,leaves,buds,the sea,its waves,the breeze,the dawn,the dusk and the list continues..but by the time he figures this out ,its too late.So only message through this hub to you is to wake up,awaken your senses and stop living like a burn-out or a wreck.

Life is beautiful if you seek beauty in your eyes..There is music in the gush of waves,crescendo when they reach their peaks and a flat note when they are at valleys.Waves sing the song of life,they are blessed , blissful and thank the almighty in every possible way by living their life.The tree sways at every little breeze that touches it,flowers spread their aroma every second,Birds glide and soar and are so in tune with nature,nobody skips a beat but the most special child of god-"Man".He is the most materialistic being on this earth,he will do everything for a reason,because there is something called a "mind" which controls him every second.and he is posessed by posessions which hold no value to the soul whatsoever and will keep indulging himself into these mind games and mind-made things until one fine day its too difficult to turn back and seek within..

So,fellas,my humble request to to listen to the music of your HEART and forget that you have a mind if you really want to feel the bliss of life given to you.The heart is in tune with nature,with existence, with life and will always keep you happy.Your heart is like a blossoming flower which spreads love and vitality as it nurture it and you will see the difference:))

Mystic Rose
Mystic Rose

I cant really tell you what to do/what not to do,we are all sensible idiots because we presume we know everything but in reality we know nothing and when you accept this "nothing" and enjoy things just the way they are,you are in tune,its a "BINGO".Who cares what one does and why should you.If you look for weaknesses in people,kindly introspect yourself,you'll know where the fault lies.Have you ever noticed the diamond like shimmer on the sea during sunrise?The sea is so wealthy,you cant imagine.Look at our "SUN" so enthusiastic and energetic always,never skips a day,and whosoever he elucidates his light upon becomes so radiant,sparkling and pepped up,do feel the rays of the sun sometime and you might acknowledge the "POWER" it gives to every being on this earth.

How and where to start!!

One way for this self-realization would be going on a holiday with yourself and giving a candid amount of time for your well-being.Only when the rose is well-nurtured will it spread its fragrance!!So,I plan a trip to Goa and believe me it works beautifully!

While at Morjim beach, the clean yet salty waves playing with you,the sun photo shooting everything,I realize the truth of my life.My originality,honesty,life matters the most to me and the creator of this awesomeness.

The club lane in Baga at midnight,mostly on Saturdays,sparking with love and life,men-women intimacy,the drinks getting you high to the rhythm of the beat,and you don't know where you are,rather you don't care,but you are just happy there for no reason whatsoever.You feel like a well-bred individual living life at your own terms,partying,sun-bathing,its just so perfect.

Night hues @Goa
Night hues @Goa

Way to meditation through stomach!


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To all the foodies!

Filling the empty stomach is mandatory,the best food inGoa that literally tickles your senses would be:

  • fried pom-fret,king-fish at Chic-n-fish,Bardez
  • Death by Chocolate at Infantaria
  • lobsters,crabs at Brittos
  • Goan fish curry and rice

Just so mouth watering.For the vegans,its not the end of the world,you get well to do juices(coconut juice especially)grilled sandwiches,and of course cakes,mousse,name a thing.Remember one thing,"a well-quenched stomach is the way to a happy heart and life".So fellas,eat well,think well and sleep well.Don;t forget!You alone have to open the doors to your life!


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