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Live for the moment, right now; a poem by Richard Mawby

Updated on June 7, 2014

Enjoy these words of pure inspiration. I wrote the first verse with the intention of helping a friend which led to the formation of this short poem where each verse is aimed to inspire the individual to let go of trivial worries and irrelevant issues, and to focus on the now; for in the now is where you truly live...


Live for the moment, right now;

For yesterday is all but a dream, and tomorrow is yet to be seen...

So forget your worries of yester year, and of next;

For the phantom of time flows, while the here and the now, it glows…


Embrace all that you are, my friend;

Wake up from your slumber, become wise and humbler…


Live for the moment, do not hide;

Break the bars of that self-made chamber; be free from the emotional blender…


Unbound from illusion, egotistical delusion;

The now becomes your dream, while once elusive – the unseen is seen;

© Richard Mawby



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