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Live in Peaces

Updated on June 5, 2011

"I know feeling lonely plays a big part in my life. I'm probably sure some people out there are,too.

I swear I can feel the " I'm a loner" stamp on my forehead getting bigger and bigger each and every day."

No I'm not begging for the girl of my dreams but

it sure would help if she wanted herself next to me.

The level of intensity has my strongest muscle beating

faster than the double pedal on a screamo song.

Yesterday's tomorrow asked if I was doing fine,

clicks on my mind answered yes to the dime.

All these wonders

All these marvels

All these creations

have me dreaming double than before all the time.

This is how I'm doing.

This is how I feel.

My heart is alone with my soul and my fear.

Hectic as can be, the world that as I see,

every living thing dying from all that is free,

Humanity has taken it's tole on all it holds.

Even if it is itself.

Somehow I have hope in all the good and the bad,

People living secretly so they can demand,

all that is theirs and the friends that they share,

May God save us all.

No this ain't a preach just some words myself I speak,

mumbling the faith I have in everybody. Even to all the don't believe

in the hope my eyes are set to see.



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