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Living Well With Others

Updated on August 8, 2012

Live Well

Live Well

Live with the knowledge that we are divine

In existence each ones a special star

Victorious like the stars we will shine

Each one must take the time to know who they are

Walking upright we are radiant lights

Each one showing the special way they glow

Living life sweetly enjoying the sights

Letting the other stars see them and know

Looking for Friendships found with some others

Inviting in those who really are kind

Valiantly we live life as lovers

Each sweet soul here a pure precious find

We share a story with seven billion

Each wanting to be happy this life

Living life with courage like the lion

Looking for Pure Love and Joy not the strife

In my mind I am always seeking to go back home to a very peaceful heavenly world. A world where we all are happy and at peace with one another. This poem is for those who share my vision. Best wishes.

Living In Peace

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