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Love and Humanity Pg 11 - (First Novel)

Updated on May 11, 2013

You always wished for a hot rod like this to make you happy

Then after getting it all, such a feeling once ever so prevalent, quickly changed for many who haven't found true love. What a deception!
Then after getting it all, such a feeling once ever so prevalent, quickly changed for many who haven't found true love. What a deception!

Living by differing modes of deception

Many people today think that living a longer life is the key to happiness, and one that is filled with material goods of all sorts. Having a house, a fancy car maybe, and all of the amenities you need to accompany these physical things should in fact help us to be happy, and to enjoy life to the fullest. Let's throw in a family into the picture as well, that could actually help us a great deal to fill out the portrait of sorts, and to enhance the foreplay per say of being loved, and enjoyment can be maximized due to the love of family, right!

Wrong, none of these realities is enough, there is far more hidden variables involved with this scenario, and the much bigger picture. If we're lucky many of us will be fortunate enough to grow old someday with the blessings from up high above, and many of us are already there. Looking back on our lives at such a time and wondering what has actually occurred all throughout it, begins to sink in as well.

Dreaming for them luxury cars

The good old days

Before such an occurrence though, our minds are boggled with questions, always pondering on what if, the would of, could of, and should of issues as well. (Without true love in the mix of it all, we are in some serious trouble in terms of our hearts missing out on the truest successes, and benefits life has to offer us all.)

Looking at it all from the perspective of a young adult however, taking lets say our health for granted is easy to do at such a time period. Acting as if we can eat anything we like, drink whatever we want to drink, behave as though we are the center of the universe & so selfishly, performing ridiculous stunts for the sake of shock and awe is prevalent as well today. (Just look at all the madness on Youtube to see such a reality.)

These fails are setting the stage for the next paragraph, Enjoy!

Living life to the fullest doesn't mean to waste it all

Is life meant to be lived out for the shear purpose of fulfilling adrenalin rushes, desires to live in paradise like scenes, and to have tons of luxurious luggage to tote around all the time. Does any of this appear to be something that makes life worth living, and for many young folks to feel certain to try everything and anything to fulfill such curiosities to the rim.

The sudden moment that something arises out of the ordinary, and that which is either breath taking or enlightening to them, like contracting some sort of disease, or getting into a life threatening accident, then and only then shall the light bulb begin to light on their big fat heads, and they start to wise up a bit.

Even then, for some numb skulls, such folks will have to come to a close to a death experience. To become enlightened enough to the fact that there is much more important things in life, then wasting away oneself. Not chasing the many illusions that man has made to tease our external sense of touching, tasting, smelling and feeling.

So many of these earthly surfaces have been changed from its original purpose and exploited so that we are no-longer able to sense anything natural in them. All done to make money, and also for to merely please our pleasure senses, rather than our keen instincts for survival, which is what they are truly worth and there for.

Some people never learn:

It takes trial after trial and mistake after mishap for some very stubborn folks to get the point that life isn't at all a game to be played, and we do indeed have responsibilities to tend to and take care of today.

When a family gets started whether it be planned or unplanned the babies always need feeding, and tending too no matter what the case may be, the dilemma then exists for such a young person, and even for those fully prepared to take on such a responsibility as to what they need to do and perform in real time, and consistently.

Training a life time to be faced with unemployment isn't good


Being young and strong is good, but they need work

Today's youth doesn't appear to be fully prepared for such a responsibility and the fault and blame falls on the state in which society has somehow held us all hostage. The economy has been at a stand still ever since the year 2008, and rapidly declining since that time.

People have been losing employment left and right, and there really is no end in sight, and so you cannot blame those parents whom became new parents during such a trying time for us all. They have no means to raise their children in a healthy environment, and how do you expect any of them to be able to provide for their families without an income.

Of course there's public assistance programs available, and food stamps that's out there, but not everyone wants to become a free loader and many adults both young, and old never want to be looked down upon by that of their peers, so they will tend to ride out things as maybe a homeless individual, and even those with public assistance are at times forced to do so these days.

Realty Bites Hard:

This is the true reality at hand and so how is it that anyone will ever be able to get the time or mind power of motivation under these certain circumstances. To even think about trying to afford better health care, the buying of lets say the more expensive organic foods, and even going to the hospital or dentist to fix themselves.

It's just not happening today, and for the vast majority of people worldwide whom are suffering, its become a massive issue of global proportions. We need to address all these issues first before we can ever pretend that by writing about such things will have a true effect on the world of today as a whole, because without correcting these well known issues of society as a whole, the problems will only continue to get worse before they ever get any better.


U.S. & World government poll

Do you think the government cares more about us or about money

See results

Does the Government of the United States really do their job?

The U.S. government will pretend that they have a handle on things for the most part. When in all actuality it's completely out of their control what happens on a day to day basis. This is so because they have let many of the crucial issues go uncorrected for far to long now, and it took ages to get the system as a whole to such a sustainable level that it once was.

Now before George Bush Jr. and his goons came into power and screwing up the governments regulatory powers and office. Things were moving in the right directions on all fronts, financially, politically, and even globally when it comes to prosperity worldwide. (Taking us to a 9 year war depleted our financial standing as a world super power, and placed us all into a massive debt, which dragged our economy to its knees.)

Us little people are the ones who have been stricken with this virus of having to fend for ourselves out here, and so many of us are writing for our dare lives literally, and so this is why this very article here was scribed into action, as a message to the globe, that we need to do more work on ourselves.

We need to think before we sign any sort of contract, before we choose to accept credit from some of these vampire agencies. We need to think long and hard before we sign up to or enlist into any government services, and we definitely need to learn how to help one another whenever possible, because we are all we got. Us the little people seeking ways to become big, healthier, and happier in a global forest of digital mayhem, and utter peril for many.

Peaks and Valleys do exist, but in our life though we create them


Why blame them, when you can blame yourself?

Self fulfilling prophecy is one that requires people to make out their life as they see fit, and to not obey the laws of nature while they at it. Believing in a higher power per say God, Yahway, Jehovah, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Allah, Kermit the Frog, The Most High etc... may be far to much for those seeking to fulfill their own destiny's quota. This is so due to the unseen fact that all of those higher all knowing and powerful being type characters already have a plan drawn and sketched out for us all.

This must be the reason why many folks whom are the most self centered types on earth, also don't seem to care for believing in anything other then themselves. This might also be the reason why when something occurs in their lives, the one to blame is them. The funny thing about such a undeniable reality is that its true.

We are what we think we are right, I mean if you think that you derived from some huge rock floating high up above in the sky, then why not be a rock head. Your thoughts on this life as we see it, actually has a way of creating correspondence, which is a universal law actually. The law of correspondence (An ancient Hermetic teaching) identifies such a thing as becoming, making what was and is, come to life and true to oneself.

This is how our perspectives and thought process itself, either works for us or against us as humans. Animals on the other hand do not think like us, and so their views of reality are permanent and never changing. The huge nut to crack here is why us? why does being human have to be so complicated.

"Put down the weapons folks!"



We as a people, tend to run our thought processes through a rampage of mess, and to only lead us back to the very same point of reference at times. Quoting so many things out loud, that we've more then likely heard as a child, in high school, college, in the street, watching television, movies etc... the funny thing is none of it is productive in the end. If we manage to learn to benefit from all the hearsay we muster up, then and only then is it beneficial to us and the community at large.

This form of repeating what we hear and listen to all of the time, and doing so up in our heads mostly, does seem kind of redundant, which is not truly purposeful when you come to think about it. The only way out of this sort looping factor of our lives is meditation, prayer helps a great deal as well, but those who don't have a faith at all are doomed to repeat such mental tripping activities. They will refuse to believe in anything, but themselves, or maybe just in nature in itself, maybe science, but never anything of a higher order beyond it all.

Why do we play these mental games with ourselves, when we all know that this universe was not invented or created by itself. Something has brought it all together regardless of what anyone thinks, can conjure up about it all, and may potentially deny. The labeling process that our minds steer towards are the side effects of being poorly educated for some, and for others its mere superstition, folklore, and allow all the smoke and mirrors games to program their mind frames into such illusive delusional modes of thinking.

I'm proud to say that I believe in a higher power, I call such an entity Our Creator, you may call it what you wish if you so choose to do as you do. Many folks believe that religion isn't going to help save them today or in the future, others beg to differ as do I. Me on the other hand, I simply look up for divine assistance, and from that specific vantage point I know our creator is up there, because I can feel it as I breathe the air, as I swim in these earthly waters, and as I exhale looking into the stars and the milky way far beyond.


Watching PSY on Youtube gives us all a sigh of hope, & smiles


Higher Learning is worth it or is it?

The new age of online everything has definitely put a major league dent in the hearts and minds of youth worldwide. Education as a whole has taken the brunt of the blow, as cyber wars are waged on us all, with loads more choices to purchase, but with less and less opportunities to earn a thing to make a purchase.

Quite the dilemma indeed, so where does getting a college degree stand in the midst of it all. The economy is a tired topic to discuss for most writers today, let alone the state of our educational system in the United States.

So what is there to do for us young folks out here in the world today, where the 1 percent is earning billions and Facebook money. Well, the fact is "if you cannot beat them, you must join them", which is a well known reality as well as universal code.

Many people have been doing just that, making moves quickly to adapt and adjust to the reality that online life presents unlimited opportunities for the selected few who figure it all out. An example is how Youtube is being used for many to replace their 9-5 job and careers entirely. Then there's loads of folks becoming over night successes there and amazing things happening across the vast spectrum of the web today. They have crowd sourcing success stories, where companies and individuals are managing to team up socially and professionally to help locate and help those who need a digital lift.

Monies is getting shared in the millions across places like Paypal, and online businesses are flourishing if they offer up the most relevant time related or evergreen content that web surfers are in dire need or search for. This is just some of the proof that our world views have changed completely today.

So getting an education is primarily important to improve on all of this online activities and for folks to have longevity for sure, but isn't as relevant when it comes to trying to map out our lives in comparison to successful careers like 5 years back, 10 years back and the likes. The tides are always changing and so we all must keep focused on what is going to be the best career types to adjust ourselves too pretty much, which it appears to be that the virtual ones are winning the battle, and for many very fortunate folks who've found ways to master it all.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @Gypsy Rose Lee, thank you Rasma for sharing with me here and for seeing me eye to eye on this page of my novel. You can earn an income online in many other ways though, as i am using Youtube to churn out massive stats, and bringing home the digital bacon that way.

      My Youtube stats actually recently blew by my Hubpages stats this month, and I've earned more money there then anywhere on the web.

      Maybe give it a try, I can help you along the way with some smart tips on how to boost your potential there. Just let me know if your interested in giving it a try and you never know how far you can get with it all.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and interesting. Great point of view Mike. We must always keep learning and moving ever onwards. Only problem I always seem to come up against is that I always need more income and I've discovering that online you can't really make money unless you have money to invest and I just don't. Sure writing keeps me going and I enjoy it but it's not making ends meet. Passing this on.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thank you for commenting and for sharing @MrsBrownsParlour.

      I'm glad you liked my article its tough what we all are experiencing today and no matter whom we are. Each and every part of the globe is feeling the load for sure.

      I just hope humanity can find a better way soon, or things can get back to some form of normality, because this cannot last forever the way its all going.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 5 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      Interesting commentary on the 'state of the world'. We do have to take responsibility and adapt to survive. You make some great points---thank you! :-)

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Hey @billybuc, yes indeed times have completely and utterly changed 360 degrees somehow, now online life is in full bloom it seems, and as some folks have learned to make it, many others whom lag far behind are being literally left in the virtual dust.

      That's why I decided to join the online forces, and to try to bridge the gap between those who have very little knowledge of how it all works, and to give a helping hand to each and every person I come in contact with today.

      Its a tough job but many of us gotta do it, and I know that's what you come to do as well bro! We have a long way to go, but we shall someday make it happen for many of our friends, family, and colleagues willing to take the plunge in the future.

      Thanks for the cool comment bro and for sharing as you do so well.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Times they are a'changing for sure, Mike, and those who can adjust are those who will find success, in business and in their personal lives. Stuck in the ways of the past, without a willingness to learn and grow, is a surefire recipe for going nowhere.

      Well done my friend. Have a great weekend!


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