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Updated on January 29, 2012


I wonder if there could be more

But im stopped dead in my tracks

Your so far away

And even beyond the distance

I feel there is something keeping us apart

I cant be sure what it is

but its tearing me from the inside out

You could inspire me to write a poem so beautiful it would bring the most callous man to tears

and you could bring me down at the slip of your tongue

but no matter how much I love you

there is still this thing


and eating

and keeping us apart

im not sure if its me

and my suicidal past

or if its my uncertain future

but either way

know that no matter what

I truly love you

and even if we can never be together

you have inspired me

in so many ways

you have inspired me

to love

to believe

and to breath

the end this tearing of my flesh and drawing of my blood

your love has inspired me

to go on living


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