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Living the Afterlife

Updated on November 27, 2013

The Afterlife

Living in this world, after the days of mankind is almost sad, so much beauty has been given to them yet they were not able to take care of it. None seems to be deserving of such a paradise, not even them.

Silence has come to me when I've seen this deserted paradise. I was greeted by the wildlife, the green grass, and the abandoned infrastructure. Mankind used to live here, in this paradise or what they call "Earth". Now they're gone, but one thing was certain, they were not suppose to live here.

They've been given the chance to prove worthy of this planet, but none of them were able to give the perfect example of becoming human. They've destroyed anything they've touch, they've ruined the balance of this world, and they paid for it. Anger and hatred was the only gift they possessed, nothing more. For that, wars has broke through different cities, countries, continents. Whatever may have happened to them is depressing, such beauty can be seen in this world, and them, well, they too are who they are, and what we call the "chosen".

These humans possessed the heightened gift of knowledge and that is free-will. They were able to choose what they can do for their life and how they can affect others. Their knowledge is beyond reach, not even for us. If time has been given to them they are able to become better than us, better than anything in this universe. But they have used their knowledge for the most evil ways, the most unsuitable ways. Using the power given to them to manipulate, to destroy, others. They used it to invent the weapons that were meant to protect, but later on, destroyed them. This was all avoidable, these things were never meant to happen, but they brought it upon themselves. The body given to them, the knowledge, the power and the gift, were all the ones that destroyed them.

Here we are, seeing the mess that they have given to this undeserving world. Now they are gone, this world, has continued to lick its wounds, recuperate and bring back what have been lost. She has given them a chance to live, for years, decades, centuries, if not for the mistakes the humans have done, she could have given them a chance to live with her forever. Her judgement was the one that put them away, they were selfish creatures, only meant to live for themselves, that's who they become to be. Each day, she saw that they became less deserving to live in paradise. Each day that they forget each other was a day lost. They were meant to live united, and at peace.

The days have passed and none of them had changed. Humans are meant to adapt, but they only used it to survive, not to live.

They brought it upon themselves, that's what we think. They deserve it, they had it coming, that's what we had to think. We had a chance to help them but we did not interfere. We waited, we watched how they tore each other apart, how they destroyed their house, their lives, their families. We could have done something, but whatever we have done may not have changed anything, they were too stubborn, that's what we thought. They can't change, they can't make it, they can't love, that's what we thought. In the end, we saw humanity became who they truly are, they became immortals for that second, gods, believers, lovers. They lived for once in their life, not just survived.

The change was too late though but it was enough to make us think what they are truly capable of, who they really are.

In the end we were guilty of our own crime, we can't let them disappear, we actually thought they deserved another chance, could our stupidity be the end of our race, and a restart on theirs?

I am here last of my kind giving back the world to these humans. They did in fact disappeared, gone, but into another dimension. We came to bring them back, and we succeeded but our kind suffered, all of them are gone, or about to be, in exchange for humankind.

Do they deserve this second chance? They might have many chances given to them, because of what they can truly do. I'm here waiting for my disappearance to happen, to be gone from this paradise, and let them finally live here once again. They will disappoint us once again, they will destroy this world with their bare hands, they will kill and they won't stop, that we know for certain, but one thing they will do that is enough to give this world, this universe, is love. They will love endlessly, even though they wont have enough, that is what we saw in them, that is enough for us to give their life back. They will bring this world to its former glory and their kind will once again be united, but we pray this time it would be forever.



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