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Living the Creative Life

Updated on September 19, 2016

I was privileged to get away with some friends on a mini writing retreat. I can write anywhere, but in the middle of the country where the only sounds that can be heard are fingers tapping on the keyboard and the odd meow of the house cat wanting some attention, this is heaven, this is my writing life. I have manifested this creative life that I am ever so blessed to be living. I am an innovator, I want to explore where the words will take me. I am not afraid to go down the paths that creativity present to me.

As artists, we are innovators. We experiment and explore. We make things anew - at the very least, we make things anew. Every painting edges us forward a hair in skill and experience, even if we are in a workshop class that copies an old master. Every time a pianist tackles Franck or Beethoven, interprets Debussy - there is still some personal nuance that the artist brings to the work. Each expression of art breaths new into the work and into the world. ~ Julia Cameron

There is a story that lives within each of us, some of us have more than one story. I recognize and I am very blessed that creativity has given me, presented me with several ideas to be written, to be shared. It's what I do with the ideas that matter these days. I feel like I'm slipping through the cracks and not giving creativity the time it deserves. It is up to me to set my priorities.

As an artist and an innovator, we must always ask, "How can we?" We must always look for, and find, still another way to skin the cat, publish the book, shoot the film, stage the play - as artists, we are practitioners not how it is done, but of how it could be done. ~ Julia Cameron

In my morning pages and through out the day I share with the universe, creativity, the higher power, whatever you want to label it for yourself, that I am ready for the possibilities. I am ready for the next step of my creative life. I have to be careful because the universe is waiting for me to say this and will provide me with what I ask for and I might then get stuck in my head again that I don't have time because I work forty hour plus a week at my day time job or what ever excuse that the ego can find and throw at me.

I am aware of my ego and I am aware of the excuses - I can see the battle between the higher self and ego and the higher self is wining one word at a time.

Our faith, which is a request coupled with an expectation of its successful fulfilment, is not different from the faith of a navigator setting out to prove the world is round. Creative dreams come to us as visions that we are charged with fulfilling. When we allow the Great Creator to do this to us, through us, then we are aligning ourselves with the spiritual power necessary to negate the "odds." ~ Julia Cameron

Ask, believe and receive. I have asked for this creative life, I believe in the creative life and I am receiving this creative life.

Until next time, keeping on typing . . . .

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