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Living with the Other Me

Updated on September 8, 2011
I just don't know!
I just don't know!

Living with the Other Me

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Shallow may the well be of our understanding,

but we still have the potential to realise truth.

It may be clothed in unfamiliar regalia,

but its nature is evident to a true seeker.

Truth oftentimes parades before us,

giving us the opportunity of recognition.

However it is not truth that requires confirmation,

it is we, the doubters and disbelievers,

that hide like children from possible reality.

It is we who tremble with fear to realise the truth of us,

the naked relentless knowledge of who we are.

We are so often terrified of ourselves that we commit

to a cloak of disguise, a mask of parody,

and become our own pariah, disconnected and alone.

Fear is all we embrace in this internal pretence,

our hearts bound by the fragments of past truths.

When we should stand alone under a forgiving sun,

resistant to the lies of fear and the cloaking of love.

I pray the self will reside free within my mind,

lost from the claws of my callous twin,

the reactive, heartless manipulator of lies.


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