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Don't Give Up my Friend

Updated on March 9, 2012

Don't Give Up

When everything looks grim and drear, Don't give up Your Heavenly Father is near. When everything seems hopeless and lost. Don't give up, this is when you need Him the most. When the dark days come it seems so oft. Don't give up God is not far off. He is right beside you, carrying you through. Giving the doctor's the wisdom to have an answer for you. He will never leave you, Jesus promises and says. You must believe Him in what He has said, to take away the fear and fully trust God instead. So many are praying and seeking God's mercy and grace. This is what God wants to strengthen all our faith, as we kneel in each place. God is teaching us who are praying. To trust in Him more for He is staying, close by your side. While we all are waiting to see how He will provide. Don't give up God has mighty plans for you, He wouldn't be putting you through this if you only knew, what He is going to do. You will find out soon enough, but until then hold on to God and "Don't Give up"

For Pastor Dennis E. Fountain by Bonnie J. Lytle Smith 3-7-2012

Pastor Dennis and Judy

Pastor Dennis and Judy
Pastor Dennis and Judy | Source

I'm Living by Faith

"I'm living by faith, in Jesus above.

Trusting abiding in His great love.

From all harm safe, in His sheltering arms.

I'm living by faith and feel no alarm."

He Touched Me

He Touched Me with two other great songs


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