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Living Simple

Updated on November 5, 2013



This was a fun poem to write because I put restrictions on myself as in most of my poem. If you look carefully you will see the word SIMPLICITY spelled going down as well as going up. Just take the first letter in each line and write them down and you will see.

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed this short poem and it provides something to think about throughout your day.

Young at heart trying not to make life hard,

Taking the time to enjoy the sweet sun.

In this wild world I am kind of awkward,

Choosing to simply smile and just have fun,

I take things easy both east and westward.

Living life day and night both without strife,

Peacefully playing with my loving friends.

My mind is mainly calm most of my life,

I will still stand strong and set some good trends,

Sharing the sweetness of life with the wife.

Striving for simplicity at this time,

In this wonderful world singing my song.

Making the most of my life in my prime,

Providing peaceful thoughts day and night long,

Like the sun that shines I share my sweet Rhyme.

In this material world we must share,

Choose to see life as a wonderful sight.

In our story we must show we care,

This is the time that we must do what’s right,

You’ll see life is fun filled if there’s no fear.

Wishing you the best,

Darrell Roberts


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